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21st December 2017 - Review of Pizza Express in Weybridge
Pizza Express Logo Pizza Express in Weybridge recently reopened after a refit and Graham Laycock and I went along.
The restaurant has been themed on the world famous nearby Brooklands racetrack and aerodrome with stylish new pictures on the walls evoking the era of Brooklands races and flights and the home of Concorde. These are set against smart dark wood panelling with 30s style light fittings adding to the atmosphere of the era.
The restaurant is a bit deceptive as it looks relatively small from the outside but once inside further sections reveal themselves Tardis like, and each part has a welcoming feel to it.
The smart, comfortable and cosy surroundings suit the Italian menu of standard pizzas, leggera pizzas, special pizzas and more savoury dishes and desserts and the kitchen is on display as part of the dinning area so you can see your pizza being prepared.
The food was up to the PizzaExpress usual high standard and Graham chose Diavolo pizza which is hot spiced beef and pepperoni, followed by Tiramisu which was tasty and well presented.
Being a big pizza fan and vegetarian I chose a Padana pizza followed by cheesecake and ice-cream which was very indulgent and delicious.
We thoroughly recommend you visit PizzaExpress at 1 Monument Hill, Weybridge to sample the good food, good service and pleasant atmosphere at a reasonable price.

It's a good place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Click here to listen to the review

21st July 2016 - Review of Pizza Express in Walton-on-Thames
Pizza Express Logo Pizza Express has re-opened following a refurbishment to give it a Julie Andrews theme. It does have a great modern modern feel to it now. There's a wide range of dishes from Italian dough balls with dips through numerous Pizzas and even Pizza Legera light pizzas and salads for the diet conscious. Then rich beautiful desserts and the service is good. A very pleasant dining experience and highly recommended.

Some Lateral Thinking Puzzles From My Show

Q. An archeologist claims he found some gold coins dated 46 B.C. Do you believe him?

A. No. How could he possibly know it was 64 years until ...

Q.Some months have 30 days. Some months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?

A. All of them.

Q. A farmer had nine sheep, and all but seven died. How many did he have left?

A. Seven

Q.In North Carolina, is it legal for a man to marry his widow's sister?

A. Not when he's dead

Q.How much dirt is there in a hole in the ground that's two feet wide, three feet long, and four feet deep?

A. None - it's a hole

Q.A woman has seven children. Half of them are boys. How is this possible?

A. All 7 are boys

Q. Name three consecutive days in English without using the words Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday

A. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Q. He who makes me doesn't want me, He who buys me doesn't need me, He who uses me doesn't know. What am I?

A. A coffin

Q. if you look, you can't see me. If you see me,you can't see anyone else. I can make you walk if you can't. Sometimes I speak the truth and sometimes I don't. Who am I?

A. Your dream

Q. What was given to you, belongs to you exclusively and yet is used more by your friends than by yourself?

A. Your name

Q. You have to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires. The second is full of tigers that haven't eaten in a year. The third is full of assassins with loaded machine guns. Which room should you choose?

A. room2 – Tigers that haven't eaten for a year are dead.

Q. How many hands does the clock of the tower of Big Ben have?

A. Eight. There are four faces to Big Ben

Q. If you drove a coach leaving Canterbury with 35 passengers, dropped off 6 and picked up 2 at Faversham, picked up 9 more at Sittingbourne, dropped off 3 at Chatham, and then drove on to arrive in London 40 minutes later, what colour are the driver's eyes?

A. Look in a mirror

Q. How many birthdays does a typical woman have?

A. One

Q. The 60th and 62nd British Prime Ministers of the UK had the same mother and father, but were not brothers. How do you account for this?

A. It was Winston Churchill – he was Prime Minister twice.

Q. Which side of a cat has the most hair?

A. The outside

Q. A man built a rectangular house, each side having a southern view. He spotted a bear. What colour was the bear?

A. White – it was a Polar bear.

Q. What can you put in a wooden box that would make it lighter? The more of them you put in the lighter it becomes, yet the box stays empty.

A. Holes

Q. If you were alone in a deserted house at night, and there was an oil lamp, a candle and firewood and you only have one match, which would you light first?

A. You light the match first.

Q. In many London Underground tube stations there are two up escalators but only one going down. Why?

A. People leave trains in a group, so all arrive at the escalators at the same time, but tend to go down to the trains in a more even flow, hence you need less down escalators.

Q. If a plane crashes on the Italian/Swiss border, where do you bury the survivors?

A. It would be a little mean to bury the survivors

Q. Name an ancient invention still in use in most parts of the world today that allows people to see through walls.

A. Windows.

Q. Mary's mum has four children.
The first child is called April.
The second May.
The third June.
What is the name of the fourth child?

A. Mary

Q. The famous 'Penny Black', the world's first postage stamp, was introduced in England in 1840. The idea of postage stamps was a great success and was taken up worldwide. Yet the 'Penny Black' was in use for only one year before it was replaced by the 'Penny Red'. Why?

A. The postmark used at that time was always black. It was therefore difficult to tell whether a stamp had been franked or not. This led to people re-using used stamps. On a 'Penny Red' the black postmark was clearly visible.

Q. Many shops have prices set just under a round figure, e.g. £9.99 instead of £10.00 or £99.95 instead of £100.00 . It is assumed that this is done because the price seems lower to the consumer. But this is not the reason the practice started. What was the original reason for this pricing method?

A. The practice originated to ensure that the clerk had to open the till and give change for each transaction, thus recording the sale and preventing him from pocketing the bank notes

Q. There was once a recluse who never left his home. The only time anyone ever visited him was when his food and supplies were delivered, but they never went inside. Then, one stormy winter night when an icy gale was blowing, he had a nervous breakdown. He went upstairs, turned off all the lights and went to bed.
Next morning, he had caused the deaths of several hundred people. How?

A. He was a lighthouse keeper.

Q. A builder completes a new building then realises he has forgotten something essential. He phones the hardware supplier and is told. One will cost you $2, twelve will cost $4 and 144 will cost $6. For what ?

A. He was buying numbers. One digit costs $2, two digits cost $4 and three digits cost $6