Listen out for:

Friday 7.30 pm Stars Over Surrey with Dave Jemitus and John Axtell 

Saturday 3.0 pm James Pearce's Countdown
to Saturday Night

Sunday 3.30 pm The Waterways Chaplin - Tina Osborne


Friday 24 November


12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox


10.0 am Dave Jemitus     

Music and chat including the lighter news stories of the day and the latest happenings in Surrey. Including at10.30 The Papers, at 11.30 Fightback Ninja helping to defeat scammers, spammers and time-wasters, and at 12.30 Lateral Thinking Puzzle.


1.0 pm Surrey News Review

The week’s local Surrey News with Graham Laycock and a journalist from the Surrey Advertiser. Compiled by the Surrey Advertiser and

Repeated at 7.0 pm.


1.15 pm Graham Laycock
Afternoon music and conversation including news of events in Surrey.

at 1.40 Woking & Sam Beare Weybridge Hospices Lottery Draw
The winning numbers in yesterday’s lottery draw and forthcoming fund raising events.

at 2.30 Roger McCormick talks to Brian Willoughby and Carthryn Craig about their music ahead of their appearance this Sunday at 2.0 pm at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton-on-Thames.
at 3.30 Events In Surrey with Diana Roberts from the Guildford Tourist Information Centre with the essential guide for things to see and do in Surrey over the coming weeks.


4.0 pm Alan Bosson’s Feel Good..It's Friday

Alan sist in for Trevor James as the weekend starts here with three hours of only the best songs from across the decades to date. A look back at This Day in History and from 6.30 The Essential Friday Night Live Gig Guide and The Motown Countdown.


7.0 pm Surrey News Review
The week’s local Surrey News with Graham Laycock and a journalist from the Surrey Advertiser. Compiled by the Surrey Advertiser and

R - Broadcast at 1.0pm today.


7.30 pm Stars Over Surrey

Dave Jemitus introduces John Axtell from the Guildford Astronomical Society with a monthly review of astronomical matters including a review of the past month’s discoveries, events and space missions, Constellation of the Month, forthcoming talks and events and what's up in the night sky to see during the coming month.

Repeated on Monday night at 11.0 pm and available after transmission as a podcast. Next edition on Friday 29 December at 7.30pm.


8.0 pm Ray Darrell’s 50s & 60s Show
Three hours of pure nostalgia from deep within the vaults of Ray's record library. Popular recordings, obscure recordings, it's all here! With three Musical Quizzes, a genuine Vinyl Moment plus the 2 into 1 spot whereby two singers share billing for the same popular song, it really is all to play for!


11.0 pm The Blues Hour

Roger McCormick presents the series celebrating the development of The Blues mixing the old and the new, building on the vast blues heritage of the mid-twentieth century, including the rich legacy of Delta and Chicago blues, and fascinating musical journeys into more modern idioms, some blues or "bluesy", some more rock or jazz-oriented.

Next Friday at 11.0 pm Loose Connections.


Saturday 25 November


12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

8.0 am Brookland’s Breakfast

Graham Laycock and Matthew England get Saturday off to a great start featuring Matthew’s Moment, Junior Choice and Celebrity Birthdays plus at 8.30 Today’s Sport and at 9.30 Woking & Sam Beare Hospices Lottery Draw.


10.0 am Saturday with TW
Trevor Wilson
features a great music variety, The Word Maze, Is It Fact or Fiction and What’s On My Mind – things on my mind, what’s on yours? Plus news, weekend travel and a bit of chat along the way including at 12.0 Events In Surrey -Diana Roberts from the Guildford Tourist Information Centre with the essential guide for things to see and do in Surrey.


1.0 pm Barry Richards
most important stories and events trending locally and nationally and the more obscure stories that you might have missed plus the best of week’s Celebrity Buzz, The Time Capsule, Something for the Weekend all brought to you in association with our live feeds from the Riverhouse Barn, Hair Mechanix and the Bourne Valley Garden Centre.


3.0 pm James Pearce’s Countdown to Saturday Night
Three hours of music and features as we welcome in the best night of the week. Full of music and the latest trending topics, there’s plenty to keep you entertained and informed of what's going on in Surrey and at 3.30 This Week’s No. 1, at 4.30 The Weekend Guide and at 5.30 Crack the Connection.


6.0 pm Matthew England’s 70s Sequence

A super selection of non-stop classic 70s hits.


7.0 pm Hunter’s Hollywood Hits & Brit Flicks

Join Suzanne Hunter as Hunters Hits focuses on music of Jump, Jive, Swing, Blues, Rhythm and Blues and Boogie Woogie that has featured in many a film score. Films featured include “Autofocus” starring Willem Defoe “Devil in a Blue Dress” starring Denzel Washington “Chicken Run”, “Oceans 11” and many more with music from Quincy Jones, Buster Pointdexter, Reverend Horton Heat, Ray Charles,  Duke Ellington, Amos Milburn, Louis Jordan, Ellis Hall, Cab Calloway, Barrence Whitfield and more besides.

R – Broadcast last Thursday at 9.0 pm and after transmission listen again at


8.0 pm Mirth & Musicals
Jim Allen
 with songs and show tunes from the musicals mixed with classic comedy from the past and featuring Hinge & Bracket.


10.0 pm Brooklands Country

Alex Nairn with two hours of the best in Country music featuring new and established artists from across the world. Rising country star Kerri Watt, hails from Glasgow and will be on the phone talking about her life, inspiration and ambition. Many years ago Johnny Cash gave his daughter Rosanne a list of what he believed was the most important country songs. We will talk about the list and play some of them. As always we will have the latest in new releases.

R – Broadcast last Monday at 8.0pm.