Brooklands Radio is being broadcast from the Aldershot and Knaphill transmitters and the OFCOM map below shows the DAB broadcast coverage.
Green means 80% coverage for indoor and outdoor reception.
Yellow shows outdoor reception only.

DAB Coverage Map

Finding Brooklands Radio

This can depend on the brand and type of your radio so this is a general guide.

A.  Most, but not all radio receivers and car radios will need to rescan / retune / auto tune to refresh and store a list of DAB stations it found. Brooklands Radio is new to DAB so this action will probably be required.
B.  If you are close to the DAB transmitters in Knaphill or Aldershot a rescan is likely to be successful. Then with Brooklands Radio listed in the radio's memory, e.g. via a pre-set, you will be able to hear us quite a distance away before the signal drops off.
C.  DAB Stations will be displayed alphabetically.
D.  Some radios including car radios firstly display the ensemble name alphabetically and then alphabetically the stations on that ensemble.
E.  Though we are on two transmitters, you do not have to retune when moving between them. This is done automatically by DAB.

We are on DAB+. If the radio receiver was made before DAB+ became available in 2007, then it will not be designed to receive our DAB+ signal.

You can click on the map to see it larger