What is Fleeceware?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-fleeceware301022.mp3

    How to spot fake website addresses
    Ways to spot fake website addresses
    Click to listen: FBNInja-rcognisefakewebsteadddresses040922.mp3

    which Scam Service
    Which magazine has a new scam service
    Click to listen: FBNInja-whichscamservice021022.mp3

    Mail Tester
    A website that will test your emails to see why they are going to Spam
    Click to listen: FBNInja-mailtester250922.mp3

    Vanna's Story
    Vanna's story of a doggie based scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-vannasstory180922.mp3

    Identify a Scam
    How to Identify a Potential Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-identifyascam110922.mp3

    The Reshipping Scam
    Some work at home obs are not as legal as they appear
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thereshippingscam280822.mp3

    Business Email Scams
    the Business Email Transfer scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebusinessemailmoneytransferscam210822.mp3

    Amazon Seller Scams
    Seller Scams on Amazon Can be Complicated
    Click to listen: FBNinja-commonamazonsellerscams140822.mp3

    Scam Void Website
    Scamvoid is a useful partner is fighting scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scamvoidwebsite070822.mp3

    the Lottery Method Scam
    Would you like to win the lottery agian and again?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-lotterymethodscam310722.mp3

    Is wish.com worth it?
    Even bargains can be a watse of money sometimes
    Click to listen: FBNinja-wishcom240722.mp3

    the Secret Sister Scam
    Some scams target women - dont be fooled
    Click to listen: FBNinja-secretsisterscam170722.mp3

    Dodgy Loans
    If the loan looks too good to be true - dont take the risk
    Click to listen: FBNinja-verydodgybusinessloans100722.mp3

    Synthetic identity Fraud
    Fraud using synthetic identities - half real and half fake
    Click to listen: FBNinja-syntheticidentiyfraud030722.mp3

    Employer Matches
    email services that claim hundreds of jobs you want in your area
    Click to listen: FBNInja-warningemployermatches260622.mp3

    The Blessing Loom
    Sounds magical for making money - the Blessing Loom
    Click to listen: FBNInja-theblessingloom190622.mp3

    The Betting Eperts
    A simple email scam ofering magical betting tips
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebettingexpertsscam120622.mp3

    How to Fact Check
    Websites That Can Fact Check For You
    Click to listen: FBNinja-factcheckingwebsites030622.mp3

    The Dead or Alive Scam
    An advamnce fee scam starting with are you dead or alive?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thedeadoralivescam310522.mp3

    KB and the Police Officer Scammer
    KB found herself married to a scammer who was a serving Police Officer
    Click to listen: FBNinja-kbnandthepoliceofficerscammer270522.mp3

    Japanese Cat Language
    Do Japanese cats speak a different language?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-japanesecatlanguage170522.mp3

    KB Married to a Scammer
    KB found she was married to a scammer
    Click to listen: FBNinja-kbmarriedtoascammer130522.mp3

    Siocial Media All You Can Eat Scams
    All You Can Eat scams on social media turn up again
    Click to listen: FBNinja-socialmediaallyoucaneatscam100522.mp3

    Facebook Fake Product Testers
    Ads on Facebook for product testers - NO NO NO
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookfakeproducttesters030522.mp3

    Campaigns by 38 Degrees
    Local and national campaigns by you.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-38degreescampaigns290422.mp3

    Facebook Privacy Check
    Facebook has a feature to let you check your privacy settings and it is worth using periodically
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookprivacycheck220422.mp3

    The Chinacoin Scam
    Chinese Cyber currency
    Click to listen: FBNinja-chinacoinscam190422.mp3

    Start Mail Service
    Is Startmail the right fit for you?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-startmail150422.mp3

    Getting Paid to Repost on Facebook is a Bad Idea
    Paying for your posts to be reposted on Facebook breaks their rules and you will be banned
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookrepostscam120422.mp3

    Money Mail Fightback
    The Newpaper Money Mail Helps a Lot of People Against Scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-moneymailfightback080422.mp3

    The American Superfoods Scam
    Another magical food that ends all ailments
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theamericansuperfoodscam050422.mp3

    The Google Phishing test
    See how well you do on the Google phishing test online
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thegooglephishingtest010422.mp3

    The 5 Billionth Search Scam
    Does Google give rewards onthe 5 billionth search?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-the5billionthsearchscam290322.mp3

    Start Page Search Engine
    Do you want a search engine that doesn't track you?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-startpagesearchengine250322.mp3

    Team World Company List Scam
    Company directories - be careful
    Click to listen: FBNinja-teamworldcompanylist-scam220322.mp3

    BT Call Protect
    BT Call Proetct to stop Those Scam Calls
    Click to listen: FBNinja-btcallprotect180322.mp3

    Fake Offers of Website Articles
    Offers to write articles for your website or blog may not be what they seem
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakeofferowebsitearticles150322.mp3

    Get That Money Back
    The Legal Path to Recover Stolen Money
    Click to listen: FBNinja-legalpathtorecoverstolenmoney110322.mp3

    European Health Insurance Card
    European Health Insurance is a new expense for UK travellers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-europeanhealthinsurancecard080322.mp3

    New Internet Domains
    New Internet domains are released periodically
    Click to listen: FBNinja-newinternetdomains040322.mp3

    The Cellulite Cure
    A scammers cellulite cure
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecellulitecure010322.mp3

    Amateur Detective Recovers Scammed Money
    Find out how an amateur detective recovered all of the money stolen from him by scammers.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-amateurdetectiverecoversscammedmoney250222.mp3

    Offered a lower credit card rate?
    Like to lower your credit card interest rate?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thelowercreditcardinterestscam220222.mp3

    Fake Review Websites
    When trying to find reviews on a product or service - watch out for fake review websites
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakereviewswebsites180222.mp3

    the Amazon Voucher Scam
    A free Amazon voucher for doing what?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theamazonvoucherscam150222.mp3

    Do you understand cookies
    What on earth are cookies that websites keep asking me about?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-understandingcookies110222.mp3

    The Fake Delivery Notice
    Fake delivery notices left by scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefakedeliverynotice080222.mp3

    Spamnesty Sharon
    SPamnesty is an online servcie that sends spam messages to spammers.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-spamnestysharon040222.mp3

    The Static Power Generator
    Another strange scammer claiming to generate free power from static electricity
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thestaticpowergeneratorscam010222.mp3

    Spam Statistics Will Amaze You
    How Much Spam Is There Really?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-spamemailstatistics280122.mp3

    The Superpowers Scam
    Mental Superpowers - as if
    Click to listen: FBNinja-mentalsuperowers250122.mp3

    Serious Cyber Attacks Stopped
    Serious Cyber Attacks Stopped
    Click to listen: FBNinja-seriouscyberattacksstopped210122.mp3

    The Vehicle Tax Fine Scam
    Vehicle Tax Scam Plus Fine for Non payment
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thevehicletaxfinescam180122.mp3

    Mac's Scambaiting Tips
    Tips on scambaiting from an expert
    Click to listen: FBNinja-macsscambaitingtips140122.mp3

    The Problem of Zoominfo
    Have you been approached by Zoominfo?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thepriblemofzoominfo120122.mp3

    British Airways Fined for Data Breach
    British Airways Fined for Data Breach
    Click to listen: FBNinja-britishairwaysfinedfordatabreach070122.mp3

    Facebook Friend Paypal Scam
    what could be the danger is letting someone pay into your Paypal account?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookfriendpaypalscam040222.mp3

    Introduction to Scambaiting
    How do you go about baiting those scammers?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-introductiontoscambaiting311221.mp3

    Fake contact messages on LinkedIn
    What about those fake contact messages on LinkedIn?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-linkedinfakecontactmessages281221.mp3

    Deal with cold callers by questioning
    How to annoy those dreaded cold callers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dealwithcoldcallesbyquestioning241221.mp3

    The Facebook Messenger Scam
    The Facebook Messenger Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookmessengerscam211221.mp3

    Have Fun With Cold Callers
    Cold callers waste your time so here's some ways to waste theirs and have some fun.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-havefunwithcoldcallers171221.mp3

    The National Crime Agency Scam
    Callers pretending to be from the National Crime Agency
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thenationalcrimeagencyscam141221.mp3

    The Danger of Online Pharmacies
    A small business owner taken for a scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thedangerofonlinepharmacies101221.mp3

    Member of Dark Overlord jailed
    Hackers think they can never be caught - not true.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-darkoverlordmemberjailed031221.mp3

    Can a Catlogue Reuest be Dangerous?
    Catalogue requests - answer or ignore?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecataloguerequest301121.mp3

    The Fund Raising Preference Service
    Here's how to stop those annoying charities from phoning you.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefundraisingpreferenceservice261121.mp3

    SEO Pay By Performance
    Having someone do SEO on your website and not wanting to be paid till it worked. Sounds too good to be true?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-seopaybyperformance231121.mp3

    The Consumer Action Group
    The Consumer Action Group is a great resource for any queries and probelms to do with being a consumer
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theconsumeractiongroup191121.mp3

    The Council Tax Refund Scam
    Beware of council tax refund emails
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecounciltaxrefundscam161121.mp3

    Francis deals with scam email
    sometimes, you can tell these scammers what you think of them
    Click to listen: FBNinja-francisdealswithscamemail121121.mp3

    What if you are offered domain names?
    Do you really need so many variants of your domain name?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-domainnamesoffered091121.mp3

    Dave Talks About Why He Started Fightback Online
    What can be done about those online scammers? - listen to what Dave decided to do
    Click to listen: DavidJemitus-BusinessAffairsInterview010721.mp3

    Facebook and Bad Adverts
    What does Facebook consider a bad advert?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-facebookandbadadverts051121.mp3

    Request For Quote
    The scammer technique of asking for a quote.
    Click to listen: FBNInja-requestforquotescam021121.mp3

    Protect Your Work
    What to do to ensure people cannot take your work and claim it's theirs.
    Click to listen: FBNInja-protectmywork291021.mp3

    Instagram Money Fliping Scam
    That pathetic money flipping scam still turns up
    Click to listen: FBNInja-instagrammoneyflipping261021.mp3

    The Natiional Crime Agency and Covid
    The Natiional Crime Agency and what's happened with Covid
    Click to listen: FBNInja-nationalcrimeagencyandcovid221021.mp3

    The Fake Bride Scam
    Marry just to get millions?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thefakebridescam191021.mp3

    Bankers Jailed
    Always good to see bankers sent to jail
    Click to listen: FBNInja-bankersjailed151021.mp3

    The Database Ransomware Scam
    Ransomware scammers try another approach
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thedatabaseransomwarescam121021.mp3

    Caught selling fake covid tests - Oh dear
    Pharmacist and Surveyor selling fake Covid tests
    Click to listen: FBNInja-pharmacistandsurveyorfaketests081021.mp3

    The Damaged Package Scam
    Why would a customer complain of a damaged package on delivery?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thedamagedpackagescam051021.mp3

    Wayne and Jill Scambaiting
    The married couple who bait those evil scammers
    Click to listen: FBNInja-wayneandjillscambaiting011021.mp3

    Keep Your Privacy on Facebook
    You need to know who will see your posts on Facebook and who can access your details
    Click to listen: FBNInja-keepyourprivacyonfacebook280921.mp3

    F-Secure ID Protection
    F-Secure Identity Protection
    Click to listen: FBNInja-f-secureidprotection240921.mp3

    The Email Delivery Scam
    Is that a real email delivery failure or a scam message?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-emaildeliverymessagescam140921.mp3

    The Email Verified Website
    Check an email address or phone number?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-emailverifiedwebsite030921.mp3

    The Google Photos Scam
    Do you keep your photos online at Google Photos?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-googlephotosscam310821.mp3

    DropBox Fake Messages
    Do you get a lot of files through DropBox?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-dropboxfakemessagescam270821.mp3

    Martin Lewis Fake Adverts
    Here's why if you see an advert with Martin Lewis you'll know what to think
    Click to listen: FBNInja-martinlewisfakeadverts240821.mp3

    Government Cyberaware
    The Government Cyberaware Campaign and Resources
    Click to listen: FBNInja-governmentcyberaware200821.mp3

    John Lewis Mastercard Scam
    Beware fake calls from John Lewis
    Click to listen: FBNInja-johnlewismastercardscam170821.mp3

    Protect Your Digital Identity
    Your Digital Identity needs your protection
    Click to listen: FBNInja-protectyourdigitalidentity130821.mp3

    HMRC Grants Scam
    HMRC attracts a lot of scammers
    Click to listen: FBNInja-hmrcgrantscam100821.mp3

    Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit
    How Does Microsoft Tackle That Technical Support Scam
    Click to listen: FBNInja-microsoftdigitalcrimesunit060821.mp3

    Grandpa and Grandma Weight Loss
    Another magic weight loss scam
    Click to listen: FBNInja-grandpaandgrandmaweightloss030821.mp3

    Pinterest Blocks Scam Sites
    Pinterest step up efforts to blaock scammers
    Click to listen: FBNInja-pinterestblocksscamsites300721.mp3

    The Genetic Destiny Scam
    A scam that appeals to people who like to blame their parents
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thegeneticestinyscam270721.mp3

    DMCA Badge Protects
    Does having a DMCA badge on your website proivide protection?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-dmcabadge230721.mp3

    Identity Theft
    Having your identiy stolen can be traumatic
    Click to listen: FBNInja-millionssufferidentitytheft200721.mp3

    Ivana and the Gumtree Paypal Scam
    Gumtree - fake buyers - paypal scammed
    Click to listen: FBNInja-ivanaandthegumtreepaypalscam160721.mp3

    The Roof Tile Scam
    Someone knocks on your door to tell you a roof tile is msising
    Click to listen: FBNInja-therooftilescam130721.mp3

    The BBC Own It APP
    The BBC APP developed to help and protect teenagers
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thebbcownitapp090721.mp3

    Holiday and Travel Scams
    There are endless holiday and travel scams
    Click to listen: FBNInja-holidayandtravelscams060721.mp3

    Website Copying
    What To Do If Your Website is Copied
    Click to listen: FBNInja-whattodowhenyourwebsiteiscopied020721.mp3

    Amazon Fake Cancellation Notice
    Scammers try many ways to get your login and password for Amazon - dont fall for these scams
    Click to listen: FBNInja-amazonfakecancellationnotice290621.mp3

    The Puppies and Kittens Scam
    Puppies and Kittens are in bigger demand than ever now
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thepuppiesandkittenscam220621.mp3

    Fake Amazon Prime Subscription
    Another scam claiming you have an Amazon Prime membership
    Click to listen: FBNInja-fakeamazonprimesubscription150621.mp3

    Simple Cyber Life
    This is about helping families to be safe online.
    Click to listen: FBNInja-simplecyberlife110621.mp3

    Blank ATM Cards Scam
    An offer of blank ATM cards that work in any ATM machine
    Click to listen: FBNInja-blankatmcardscam080621.mp3

    How to report a bad website
    What to do if you encounter a website that is a scam site or just bad?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-howtoreportabadwebsite040621.mp3

    Fake Mystery Shopper Jobs
    Mystery shopper jobs are very much in demand but are they real?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-fakemysteryshopperjobs010621.mp3

    Fake Business Opportunity Offered
    Would you accept a franchise / dealership for an established product?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-fakebusinessopportunity250521.mp3

    CIFAS Identity Protection
    The CIFAS Service for Protecting You Against Identity Thieves
    Click to listen: FBNInja-cifasidentityprotection210521.mp3

    Coronavirus Fake APPS
    Beware Coronavirus APPS that are fake and/or malicious
    Click to listen: FBNInja-coronavirusfakeapps180521.mp3

    Resolver Your Complaint
    Need help resolving your compalint with a big company?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-resolveryourcomplaint140521.mp3

    Paypal Phishing Emails
    So many emails claiming to be from Paypal but they are just phishing messages
    Click to listen: FBNInja-paypalphishing110521.mp3

    Disposable Email Addresses
    If you get too many spam emails then try disposable email addresses
    Click to listen: FBNInja-disposableemailaddresses070521.mp3

    Pay to Give a Presentation
    You would expoect to get paid for giving a presentation at an event, but what if you have to pay the organiser?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-paytogiveapresentation040521.mp3

    Lifelock Identity Protection
    Lifelock offers insurance against identity theft and services to help you restore your identity
    Click to listen: FBNInja-lifelock300421.mp3

    The Money System Scam
    One of the scammer's old favourite scams - a free money making system
    Click to listen: FBNInja-moneysystemscam270421.mp3

    Online Reviews - honest or contrived?
    How real are those online reviews?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-onlinereviews230421.mp3

    Tinder Photos
    What are Tinder doing to ensure photos are real?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-tinderandproblemphotos200421.mp3

    Web of Trust
    Do you need help checking how trustworthy a site is?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-weboftrust160421.mp3

    Mini Bonds Warning
    Mini bonds can pay well but can be risky
    Click to listen: FBNInja-minibondswarning130421.mp3

    Committee on Disinformation
    The Grand Committee on Disinformation
    Click to listen: FBNInja-grandcommitteeondsinformation090421.mp3

    Radiation Shields
    Does your phone need a radiation shield?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-radiationprotectionshields060421.mp3

    ICO Protect Children's Privacy
    Information Commisioner takes action to protect privacy online for children
    Click to listen: FBNInja-icoprotectchildrensprivacy020421.mp3

    The Penalty Charge Notice Scam
    Watch out penalty charge notices that may not be real
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thepenaltychargenoticescam300321.mp3

    Call Blocking Services
    So many scam calls these days - call blocking services are a boon
    Click to listen: FBNInja-callblockingservices260321.mp3

    Wrinkle Reducing Cream
    Wrinkle Reducing Cream - a common scam
    Click to listen: FBNInja-wrinklereducingcream230321.mp3

    Dixons Fined for Data Breach
    What happened at Dixons to lead to a data breach and a fine?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-dixonsfinedfiordatabreach190321.mp3

    Work at Home Data Entry Jobs
    Watch out - too many work at job jobs advertised are scams.
    Click to listen: FBNInja-workathomedataentryjobs160321.mp3

    Facebook and eBay Crackdown on Fake Reviews
    It's about time Facebook and eBay did more to get rid of obviously fake reviews and people who pay for fake reviews
    Click to listen: FBNInja-facebookandebaycrackdownonfakereviews120321.mp3

    The Amazon Business Account Scam
    Need an Amazon business account - be careful how you sign up
    Click to listen: FBNInja-theamazonbusineessaccountscam090321.mp3

    118 Directory Charges Capped
    The regulator had to stop the 118 directory charges companies ripping off the public
    Click to listen: FBNInja-118directorychargescapped050321.mp3

    European Quality leader
    Biggin up business leaders - but is it a scam?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-europeanqualityleader020321.mp3

    Confirmation of Payee
    Banks need to confirm payee
    Click to listen: FBNInja-confirmationofpayee260221.mp3

    Music Magpie
    How good is Music Magpie?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-musicmagpie230221.mp3

    Hacked Yahoo Accounts
    How to recognise when your email account has been hacked
    Click to listen: FBNInja-recogniseahackedyahoomailacount190221.mp3

    Public USB Charging Points
    Be careful when you use public USB charing points
    Click to listen: FBNInja-publicusbchargingpoints160221.mp3

    SMS Phishguard
    Protection agianst fake text messages
    Click to listen: FBNInja-smsphishguard120221.mp3

    The Parking Meter Scam
    Be careful when approached at a parking meter
    Click to listen: FBNInja-parkingmeterscam090221.mp3

    Hacked Email Accounts
    How to recognise if your email account has been hacked
    Click to listen: FBNInja-howtorecogniseahacekedemailaccount050221.mp3

    Flu Epidemic Scam
    Some scammers are so lazy - trying a flu epidemic scam in the middle of a pandemic
    Click to listen: FBNInja-fluepidemic020221.mp3

    The Virus Total Scan Service
    Virus Total can scan websites and documents online
    Click to listen: FBNInja-virustotalchecker290121.mp3

    The Free Lotto Scam
    One of many lotto scams and scam companies
    Click to listen: FBNInja-freelottocompanyscam260121.mp3

    AVAST Destroy Botnet
    AVAST and the French Police take-down a huge botnet
    Click to listen: FBNInja-avastdestroymassivebotnet220121.mp3

    The 2 Stage BT Call Scam
    What do scammers do when you reject their scam - they try another one!
    Click to listen: FBNInja-the2stagebtcallscam190121.mp3

    Victim Support
    What Can Vcitim Support Do?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-victimsupport150121.mp3

    Words With Friends Romance Scam
    Romance scammers infiltrate seniors playing Words with Friends online
    Click to listen: FBNInja-wordswithfriendsromancescam120121.mp3

    Ministry of Justice Fake Calls
    Callers claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice - be wary
    Click to listen: FBNInja-ministryofjusticefakecaller050121.mp3

    Robo Calls
    Stop Unwanted Robo Calls
    Click to listen: FBNInja-stopunwantedrobocalls010121.mp3

    Sim Swap Danger
    what if your sim card needs to be changed
    Click to listen: FBNInja-simswapdanger291220.mp3

    Fake Credit Card Offers Scam
    Beware companies offering to get you a better credit card interest rate
    Click to listen: FBNInja-fakecreditcardofferscam221220.mp3

    Scam Marshalls
    Trading Standards Scam Marshalls
    Click to listen: FBNInja-scammarshalls181220.mp3

    Blocked Incoming Emails
    You get a message about your incoming email being blocked
    Click to listen: FBNInja-blockedincomingemails151220.mp3

    Onecoin Crypto Currency Scam
    What happened over the Onecoin scam
    Click to listen: FBNInja-onecoincryptocurrencyscam111220.mp3

    Christian Donation 419 Scam
    Sometimes scammers wrap up a standard scam in religious language
    Click to listen: FBNInja-christiandonation419scam081220.mp3

    Victim Entitlements
    What entitlements does a victim of crime have?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-victimentitlements041220.mp3

    The Employee Phishing Simulation
    How you ever wondered what would happen if you simulated a phsihing attack at your company?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-theemployeephishingsimulation271120.mp3

    Google Voice Account Scam
    Be careful over recorded messages about reading out Google voice access numbers
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thegooglevoiceaccountscam241120.mp3

    Car Accident Cold Callers
    How to answer those car accident cold callers
    Click to listen: FBNInja-howtoanswercaraccidentcallers201120.mp3

    The EU Business Register Scam
    Don't be taken in by free entries in the EU Business Register
    Click to listen: FBNInja-theeubusinessregisterscam171120.mp3

    Google Website Checker
    Google will check any website for you to make sure it's safe to use
    Click to listen: FBNInja-googlewebsitechecker131120.mp3

    Fake Reviews
    What does it cost to get fake reviews?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thepriceoffakereviews101120.mp3

    Britain and Indian Scam Call centres
    British Police play a role in shutting down Indian scam call centres
    Click to listen: FBNInja-britishpoliceshutindianscamcallcentres061120.mp3

    Fake Currency Investment Scam
    A Get Rich Quick Scheme - but only for the scammer
    Click to listen: FBNInja-fakecurrencyinvestmentscam031120.mp3

    The Scam Awareness Disruption Project
    Let's learn from the Aussies
    Click to listen: FBNInja-scamawarenessdisruptionproject301020.mp3

    The Identity Theft Settlement Scam
    Some scammers ride on the back of other scams hoping to cath out people already tricked
    Click to listen: FBNInja-identitytheftsettlementscam271020.mp3

    Email Authentication Failure
    You get an email authentication failure but what does it mean?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-emailauthenticationfailure231020.mp3

    Are House Lotteries a Scam
    Are those lotteries for houses a scam or potentially a bargain?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-arehouselotteriesascam201020.mp3

    How to spot a romance scam
    seeking online romance can open you up to scammers
    Click to listen: FBNInja-howtospotaromancescam161020.mp3

    Fake recruitment agencies run scams onpeople looking for work
    Consumer advice, competitions and guidance on saving money
    Click to listen: FBNInja-therecruitmentagencyscam131020.mp3

    Money Magpie
    Consumer advice, competitions and guidance on saving money
    Click to listen: FBNInja-moneymagpie091020.mp3

    The Delivery Scam
    How can a delivery of an unexpected valuable item be a scam?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-themistakendeliveryscam061020.mp3

    APP Shielding
    APP Shielding - how are your APPS protected
    Click to listen: FBNInja-appshielding021020.mp3

    The ULEZ Zone Scam
    Janet and the Ultra Low Emissions Zone Website Scam
    Click to listen: FBNInja-janetandthefakeemisionszonewebsite290920.mp3

    US Esta Scam
    Scammers target Esta visas
    Click to listen: FBNInja-theusestascam220920.mp3

    Barry Payling Takes on Big Energy Supplier
    Barry Payling Takes on Big Energy Supplier and Wins
    Click to listen: FBNInja-barrypaylingwinsoverenergysupplier180920.mp3

    The Google Grant Scam
    A grant from Google / UN - I dont think so
    Click to listen: FBNInja-googlegrantscam150920.mp3

    Face Book Scam Adverts
    It's now possible to report Facebook scam adverts in the UK
    Click to listen: FBNInja-reportfacebookscamadverts110920.mp3

    The Blue Vision Scam
    Is blue light a problem?
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thebluevisionscam080920.mp3

    The Canadian Anti Scam Centre
    The Canadian Anti Scam Centre
    Click to listen: FBNInja-canadianantifraudcentre040920.mp3

    The Vanity Scam
    This scam appeals to business owners vanity
    Click to listen: FBNInja-thevanityscam010920.mp3

    Sky Women
    Sky Women fight agianst scammers in Africa
    Click to listen: FBNInja-skywomen280820.mp3

    James Veitch Scammer Baiter
    James Veith is a comedian and he loves to bait those scammers
    Click to listen: FBNInja-jamesveitchthescammerbaiter210820.mp3

    The Fake Marriage Rebate
    There is a tax allowance for marriage but dont let someone olnine claim it for you
    Click to listen: FBNInja-fakemarriagerebate180820.mp3

    Citizen's Advice Scam Action Service
    learn how facebook were shamed into paying for the scam action service at Citizen's Advice
    Click to listen: FBNInja-citizensadvicescamactionservice140820.mp3

    TV Licence Plus
    If you're updating your TV lciencse online - make sure you have the official site not a scam site
    Click to listen: FBNInja-tvlicenceplus110820.mp3

    Binary Options Trader in Court
    Binary Options Trading Can make Milions for Scam trading Companies
    Click to listen: FBNInja-binaryoptionstraderincoiurt070820.mp3

    Contact Form Con
    The Website Contact Form Con
    Click to listen: FBNInja-websitecontactformcon040820.mp3

    Australian Crime Figures
    Australian Crime Figures
    Click to listen: FBNinja-crimefigures2018-310720.mp3

    The Bitcoin Advance Fee Scam
    The Bitcoin Advance Fee Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebitcoinadvancefeescam280720.mp3

    Protect Your Domain Name
    You may think it's impossible for someone to steal your domain name.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtoprotectyourdomainname240720.mp3

    You Have a Car Problem
    Beware a stranger telling you that You Have a Car Problem
    Click to listen: FBNinja-youhaveacarproblemscam210720.mp3

    The Romance Fraud Crusader
    Fight back agianst romance fraud and the damage it causes in people's lives
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theromancefraudcrusader170720.mp3

    The Court Summons Scam
    Court summons by email?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecourtsummonsscam140720.mp3

    Home Insulation Fraudster Jailed
    There's a lot of money to be made in home insulation - if you lie, cheat and steal from vulnerable people like this giuy did.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-homeinsulationfraudsterjailed100720.mp3

    Fightback Nan
    The Gran who takes on the scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fightbacknan030720.mp3

    Domain Name Theft
    You might think no-one can take your Internet domain name - but are you right?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-domainnametheft070720.mp3

    The Electricity Scam
    Door to door salesman with amazing offers on pre paid electricity
    Click to listen: FBNinja-electricityscam300620.mp3

    Automated Competition Entries
    Automated Competition Entries can be a real problem for your website competition
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theproblemofautomatedcompetitionentries260620.mp3

    Phishing Scams Special
    Dave Jemitus and friends look into the all too common phishing scams that turn up on email, phone and text message, how they work and how to stay safe from them.
    Click to listen: phishingscamspecial2020-06-25pod.mp3

    Revolutionary Drones For Sale
    Revolutionary Drones For Sale that aren't anything new.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-revolutionarydronesforsale230620.mp3

    The Domain Name Offer Scam
    Beware being told you have to buy a domain name to protect your brand
    Click to listen: FBNinja-domainnameofferscam120520.mp3

    A Redeemed Scammer
    The story of one scammer forced to repent
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ascemmerreedeemed150520.mp3

    Free Website Offers
    An offer of a free website may not as good as it sounds
    Click to listen: FBNinja-freewebsite050520.mp3

    DMARC Email
    DMARC Email Verification
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dmarc080520.mp3

    The Daily Scam website
    A useful resource in the fight against scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dailyscamwebsite240420.mp3

    Fat Reduction in 1914
    Fat reduction scams are nothing new.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-losingweight210420.mp3

    Hacking Group Sentenced
    Hackers think they will never be caught - but many are.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-hackinggroup010520.mp3

    Advance Fee Scam / 419 Scam
    Special programme looking at the advance fee scams also called 419 scams, how to recognise the scams and how to stay safe .
    Click to listen: AdvanceFeeScamSpecial2020-05-10pod.mp3

    Paid Articles Scam
    People offering to pay for you to publsih their articles? Be careful.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thepaidarticlesscam240320.mp3

    Free Website Offer
    An offer of a free website may not as good as it sounds
    Click to listen: FBNinja-freewebsite050520.mp3

    Hacking Group Sentenced for Stealing £3 million
    Hacking Group Sentenced for Stealing £3 million in a business scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-hackinggroup010520.mp3

    Those Nuisance Caller Bosses
    Nuisance Callers Bosses Fined up tp £500,000
    Click to listen: FBNinja-nuisancecallsbossesfined270320.mp3

    eCommerce Store
    Scammers builidng eCommerce stores?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ecommercestore280420.mp3

    Domain Name Offer Scam
    Beware being told you have to buy a domain name to protect your brand
    Click to listen: FBNinja-domainnameofferscam120520.mp3

    The Daily Scam Website
    The Daily Scam Website - a very useful resource in the fight against scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dailyscamwebsite240420.mp3

    DMARC Email Verification
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dmarc080520.mp3

    Coronavirus Scam Special
    A special programme looking at the most common Coronavirus scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-special-coronavirus290420.mp3

    Nuisance Caller Bosses
    Nuisance Callers Bosses Fined up tp £500,000
    Click to listen: FBNinja-nuisancecallsbossesfined270320.mp3

    Paid Articles Scam
    People offering to pay for you to publsih their articles? Be careful.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thepaidarticlesscam240320.mp3

    Zain Quaiser Jailed
    Zain Quaiser used ransomware to extort people
    Click to listen: FBNinja-zainquaiserjailed200320.mp3

    The Fake Gout Cure
    Do you ever hear of gout these days? Well, scammers target this disease.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefakegoutcure170320.mp3

    Google Fined by EU
    The Third huge fine by the EU on Google
    Click to listen: FBNinja-googlefinedbyeu130320.mp3

    HMRC Arrest Warrant Scam
    Apparent threats of arrest for tax debts
    Click to listen: FBNinja-hmrcarrestwarrantscam100320.mp3

    Facebook and Google $100 million fraud
    Facebook and Google thwart $100 million fraud
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookandgoogle100milliondollarfraud060320.mp3

    The Power of Women
    A scam aimed at business women
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thepowerofwomen030320.mp3

    Banks Blacklists of Dodgy Companies
    The banks and other finance institutions maintain blacklists of companies they reckon to be dodgy
    Click to listen: FBNinja-banksblacklistsofdodgycompanies280220.mp3

    A new product not yet on sale but scammer are alrready pretending to have it
    Click to listen: FBNinja-airzen250220.mp3

    A Story of Cat Phishing
    Even security experts can be conned
    Click to listen: FBNinja-astoryofcatphishing210220.mp3

    The News Spy Scam
    A magical method for tracking all news events and determining which stocks to invest in - SCAM!
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thenewsspyscam180220.mp3

    Eric and the Fake Job
    Sometimes, well meaning people end up with illegal jobs
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ericandthefakejob140220.mp3

    The Nigerian Astronaut Scam
    One of the dumbest scams ever seen - the Nigerian Astronaut scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thenigerianastronautscam110220.mp3

    Santander Forced to Pay Scam Victim
    Santander Bank Forced to Pay Scam Victim
    Click to listen: FBNinja-santanderforcedtopayscamvictim070220.mp3

    African Cyber Crime Unit
    Another twist on the 419 scam involving the fake African Cyber Crimes Unit
    Click to listen: FBNinja-africancybercrimesunit040220.mp3

    Grand Committee on Disinformation
    The International Grand Committee on Disinformation and Fake News
    Click to listen: FBNinja-internationalgrandcommittee310120.mp3

    The Biggest Car Scams
    What are the most common vehicle scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-biggestcarscams280120.mp3

    The Antiphishing Club
    Too many criminals try phishing
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theantiphishingclub240120.mp3

    The 118 Call Redirection Scam
    The recorded message says dial 118...
    Click to listen: FBNinja-the118callredirectionscam210120.mp3

    Viagogo Dirty Tricks
    If you use Viagogo to buy tickets - beware their dirty tricks
    Click to listen: FBNinja-viagogodirtytricks170120.mp3

    Romance Scams
    Why Do People Fall for Romance Scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whypeoplefallforromancescams140120.mp3

    Google Play Protect
    Google Does Protect APPS on its Play Store
    Click to listen: FBNinja-googleplayprotect100120.mp3

    The Man Who Invented an Island
    The Man Who Invented an Island and Then Sold it.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themanwhoinventedanisland070120.mp3

    Confirmation of Payee
    How Do Banks Check Who You're Sending Money To?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-confirmationofpayee030120.mp3

    How Comparison Websites Cheat
    Are Comparison Websites Above Board?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howcomparisonwebsitescheat271219.mp3

    Sciatica Scam
    What is Spear Phishing and How Does it Happen?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakesciaticascam241219.mp3

    What is Spear Phishing?
    What is Spear Phishing and How Does it Happen?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whatisspearphishing201219.mp3

    The Abandoned Package Scam
    The Abandoned Package Scam - a typical 419 scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-abandonedpackagescam171219.mp3

    Barclays Caller ID Service
    Barclays Caller ID Service
    Click to listen: FBNinja-barclayscalleridservice131219.mp3

    The Aztec Cocktail Scam
    The Aztec Cocktail Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theazteccocktailscam101219.mp3

    How Much Do we Trust Facebook?
    What facebook Must Do To Regain Trust
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whatfacebookmustdotorefgaintrust061219.mp3

    Cold Callers Selling Call Blockers
    Scammers selling call blocking software and devices
    Click to listen: FBNinja-coldcallerssellingcallblockers031219.mp3

    Pay For It Sucks website
    Pay For It Sucks website and how to deal with those mobile phone subscriptions you didn't sign up for
    Click to listen: FBNinja-payforitsucks291119.mp3

    The Marriage Saving Scam
    The Marriage Saving Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themarriagesavingscam261119.mp3

    Card Skimming
    What is Card Skimming?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whatiscardskimming221119.mp3

    Legal Aid fraudster to Pay £22 Million
    Legal Aid fraudster to Pay £22 Million
    Click to listen: FBNinja-legalaidfraudstertopay22million151119.mp3

    Arthritis Reversed Scam
    Arthritis Reversed Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-arthritisreversedscam121119.mp3

    Facebook Secret Emails
    Facebook Secret Emails
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebooksecretemails081119.mp3

    Fifty Scams and Hoaxes
    Many scams and hoaxes have been around a long long time
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fiftyscamsandhoaxes011119.mp3

    Safe Secure Investment
    Beware websites that offer things too good to be true
    Click to listen: FBNinja-safesecureinvestments291019.mp3

    Your website is no good
    Endless spam messages trying to make an impact
    Click to listen: FBNinja-yourwebsiteisnogood251019.mp3

    London Police Sent to India
    Why not send officers to where the scams are organised?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-londonpolicesenttoindia270919.mp3

    The Operator Billing Scam
    Have you read your mobile phone bill and found subscriptions you didn't take out?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theoperatorbillingscam240919.mp3

    eBAY Vehicles Scam Alerts
    A very useful group fighting vehicle scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ebayvehiclescamalerts200919.mp3

    Companies House Invoice Scam
    Fake invocies claiming to be from Companies House
    Click to listen: FBNinja-companieshouseinvoicescam170919.mp3

    Health Scams?
    Why do people Fall for Health Scams?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whydopeoplefallforhealthscams130919.mp3

    The TV Licence Scam
    Do you have a TV licence due for renewal?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thetvlicencescam100919.mp3

    Late Payment by Businesses
    The Impact of Late Payment by Businesses
    Click to listen: FBNinja-latepaymentbybusinesses060919.mp3

    Common Scams
    The most common scams of 2018
    Click to listen: FBNinja-mostcommonscamsof2018030919.mp3

    Neighbour Alert
    Neighbour Alert
    Click to listen: FBNinja-neighbouralert300819.mp3

    Bait and Switch Scams
    Bait and Switch Scams are very common
    Click to listen: FBNinja-baitandswitchscams270819.mp3

    TSB Punished by Customers
    You let your customers down - they may not forgive you
    Click to listen: FBNinja-tsbpunsihedbycustomers230819.mp3

    Advanced Online Blackmail
    Onine blackmail is a big business
    Click to listen: FBNinja-advancedonlineblackmail200819.mp3

    The Overpayment Scammer Beaten
    Do you recognise the over payment scam and know what to do?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theoverpaymentscammerbeaten160819.mp3

    FBI Threats Scam
    A scam that includes threats by the 'FBI'.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fbithreatsscam130819.mp3

    Morrisons Data Breach Liability
    Morrisons Data Breach wil cost them more than just compensation to staff.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-morrisonsdatabreachliability090819.mp3

    Kyani Super Foods
    Kyani - a super food supplier or network marketing?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-kyanisuperfoods060819.mp3

    Pension Scammers Caught
    More pension thieves caught but only after fleecing people of millions
    Click to listen: FBNinja-pensionscammerscaught020819.mp3

    Online Christian Income Club
    Sometimes, scammers try to use people's religious proclivities agianst them
    Click to listen: FBNinja-christianonineincomeclub300719.mp3

    Unexplained Wealth Orders
    In some cases, people will have to explian to a court where they got their great wealth - only for people suspected of involvement in illegal activities of course
    Click to listen: FBNinja-unexplainedwealthorders260719.mp3

    Fake Accident Calls
    Do you get cold callers asking you about 'the accident'
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakeaccidentcalls230719.mp3

    Latvian Virus King Sentenced
    Latvian Virus King Sentenced
    Click to listen: FBNinja-latvianviruskingsentenced190719.mp3

    The Foreign Lottery Insurance Scam
    The Foreign Lottery Insurance Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theforeignlottertinsurancescam160719.mp3

    The Shed That Wasn't a Top Restaurant
    Can a scammer get his restaurant to be number?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theshedthatwasntatoprestaurant120719.mp3

    Action Fraud Scam Calls
    Scammers call claiming to be Action Fraud
    Click to listen: FBNinja-actionfraudscamcalls090719.mp3

    Europcar Pay Compensation
    Europcar UK Was Caught Out Cheating and Will Pay Compensation
    Click to listen: FBNinja-europcarpaycompensation050719.mp3

    Bitcoin Victory
    The Bitcoin Victory Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-bitcoinvictory020719.mp3

    Tesco Bank Fined for Data Breach
    Tesco Bank Fined for Data Breach
    Click to listen: FBNinja-tescobankfinedfordatabreach280619.mp3

    Scalar Energy Scam
    Scalar Energy Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scalarenergy250619.mp3

    Fraud Investigation
    Fraud Investigation
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fraudinvestigation210619.mp3

    Car Accident Cold Callers
    Those annoying cold callers claiming you had an accident
    Click to listen: FBNinja-caraccidentcoldcallers180619.mp3

    UK Cyberforce
    The UK is gearing up with a more formidable cyber force
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ukcyberforce140619.mp3

    The Magic Wand Money Scam
    Scammers are enthusiastic about magical ways of making money - but waving a wand - Oh dear!
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themagicmoneywandscam110619.mp3

    Fakespot Review
    A Review of the Very Useful Fakespot Service. If you trust online reviews, read this.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakespot070619.mp3

    Alzheimer's Itch
    Alzheimer's Itch
    Click to listen: FBNinja-alzheimersitch040619.mp3

    Property Marking Kits
    Surrrey Police Roll Out Property Marking Kits
    Click to listen: FBNinja-surreypoliceroloutpropertymarkingkits010619.mp3

    Bitcoin Lotteries
    Some lotteries are offering prizes in Bitcoins.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-bitcoinlotteries280519.mp3

    Fake TripAdvisor Reviewer Jailed
    It's not legal to put fake paid for reviews on TripAdvosr or any other review site.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-faketripadvisorreviewwerjailed240519.mp3

    The Onedrive File Scam
    The Onedrive File Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theonedrivefilescam210519.mp3

    Trading Standards Cold Calling Pack
    Trading Standards Do What They Can to Help People Ward Off Those Doorstep Callers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-tradingstandardscoldcallingpack170519.mp3

    The Netflix Free TV Scam
    Someone wants to give you a free TV. NO
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thenetflixfreetvscam140519.mp3

    Trusteer Rapport
    Trusteer Rapport is recommended by many banks, but how good is it?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-trusteerrapport100519.mp3

    Fake LinkediIn Emails
    Wtach out for emails claiming to be from LinkediIn
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakelinkedinemails070519.mp3

    Fake Email Address Traps
    How to trap spam mail in deadend email accounts
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakeemailaddresstraps030519.mp3

    Bitcoin Loophole Scam and Fake News
    Bitcoin Loophole is one of many Bitcoin scams and this one is sophisticated and uses fake news.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebitcoinloopholescamandfakenews300419.mp3

    CPR Call Blocker Phone
    Blocking cold callers is increasingly important, especially for vulnerable people
    Click to listen: FBNinja-CPRCallblockerphones260419.mp3

    HMRC twitter Scam
    HMRC Warn of Latest Twitter Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-hmrctwitterscam230419.mp3

    How to Stay safe on Public wi-fi
    Public wi-fi is inherently insecure but you can be safe if you follow these guidelines
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtostaysafeonpublicwifi190419.mp3

    The Bitcoin Trader Scam
    Yet another Bitcoin scam and this one is quite sophisticated
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebitcointraderscam160419.mp3

    FBI Takedown 74 Business Email Scammers
    Are the FBI the only people who will take on International scammers?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fbitakedown74businessemailscammers110419.mp3

    Whatsapp Morrisons and Sainsburys Scam
    Morrisons and Sainsburys Scam moves onto Whatsapp
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whatsappmorrisonsandsainsbrysscam080419.mp3

    Santander Security Advice
    If you bank with Santander, see their security advice.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-santandersecurityadvice050419.mp3

    ZDROV Cream
    Strange new products keep appearing on the Internet - some are real and some just fake.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-zdrovcreams020419.mp3

    Check Who's Using Your Wi-Fi
    You don't want strangers using your home Wi-Fi
    Click to listen: FBNinja-checkwhoisusingyourwifi290319.mp3

    Tory Ponzi Scheme Stopped
    An involved Ponzi scheme run by a financier
    Click to listen: FBNinja-freddydavidpomzischemestopped220319.mp3

    Paypal Two Step Verification
    If you want more security than just a password for your Paypal account.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-paypaltwostepverification150319.mp3

    Chinese Spam messages
    Strange messages with a combination of Chinese and English words
    Click to listen: FBNinja-chinesespammessages260319.mp3

    The Telephone Preference Scam
    Scam callers offering a further year of the telephone preference service
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thetelephonepreferenceservicescam190319.mp3

    US Breaks Indian Scam Call Centre
    Only the US government seems willing to tackle these cross border problems
    Click to listen: FBNinja-usbreaksianianscamcallcentre080319.mp3

    A Little Truth From Facebook
    About time we had a little truth on what really goes on in Facebook
    Click to listen: FBNinja-truthfromfacebook010319.mp3

    Free Website Audit Report
    Endless free offers of website reports, but are they worth taking up?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-freewebsiteauditreport120319.mp3

    Talk Talk Callsafe
    New safety features from TalkTalk
    Click to listen: FBNinja-talktalkcallsafe220219.mp3

    The Email Ransom Scam
    Online ransom is becoming big business
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theemailransomscam050319.mp3

    The International Fact Checking Network
    The International Fact Checking Network
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theinternationalfactcheckingnetwork150219.mp3

    The Crypto Trader Scam
    Yet another crypto currency scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-cryptotrader260219.mp3

    Surrey Police Stop Phone Scammer
    Well done the Surrey Police for stopping this scammer
    Click to listen: FBNinja-surreypolicestopphonescammer080219.mp3

    Fake LinkedIn Messages
    LinkedIn has been safer than other social media networks but it does attract scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakelinkedinmessages190219.mp3

    Men in Space Suits
    You won't believe the ridiculousness of this scam.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-meninspacesuits010219.mp3

    Free Ryanair Flights on Whatsapp
    As if Ryanair would ever give away anything
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whatsappryanirscam120219.mp3

    The Parisian Gold Ring Scam
    This scam is most common in tourist areas of Paris but can happen anywhere
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theparisiangoldringscam050219.mp3

    Fake Website Gang Sentenced
    Fake Website Gang Sentenced
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakewebsitegangsentenced040119.mp3

    The Sim Swap Scam
    How Hackers Get Control of Your Phone
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thesimswapscam290119.mp3

    A Humourous way to treat those cold callers
    Adding some humour into dealing with cold callers
    Click to listen: fightbackninja-greetcoldcallersFriday110316.mp3

    The Intern Application Scam
    A standard email scam with someone pretending to want to be an intern at your company
    Click to listen: fightbackninja-InternScamTuesday080316.mp3

    FBI Charge 6 Over 419 Scam
    FBI break up and make charges agianst n organised gang of 419 scammers operating across India to America.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fbicharge6over419scam110119.mp3

    The Instant Photographer scam
    How would you like to be as a good as a professional photographer with no effort? Yup, that's the pathtic lie offered by this scammer.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-instantphotographerscam080119.mp3

    Councillor Pothole
    A local councillor who fills potholes, takes away unsightly rubbish and hasn't the time for council meetings. YES!
    Click to listen: FBNinja-councillorpothole281218.mp3

    Is hacktivism a spent force or gettting stronger?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-hacktivism211218.mp3

    The Forskolin Scam
    Forskolin is the suppossed latest magic ingredient scammers are pushing
    Click to listen: FBNinja-forskolinscam181218.mp3

    Facebook Conversations Tested
    Have ypou ever wondered whether Facebook listens in on your phone then creates adverts targeted at you?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookconversationstested141218.mp3

    The AZ Code
    The AZ Code also known as the Amazon Code
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theazcode111218.mp3

    Just How Big is facebook?
    Just How Big is facebook?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-justhowbigisfacebook071218.mp3

    Stop Badware
    Stop Badware
    Click to listen: FBNinja-stopbadware301118.mp3

    UK Cyber Attacks
    UK Cyber Attacks
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ukcyberattacks161118.mp3

    Call Connect Services
    In a big hurry you can miss that you've dialled a call connect service and it will cost you.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-callconnectservices131118.mp3

    Major Hacker Arrested
    Major Hacker Arrested
    Click to listen: FBNinja-majorhackerarrested091118.mp3

    Online Blackmail
    Blackmail attempts online
    Click to listen: FBNinja-onlineblackmail061118.mp3

    Cyber Crime in the UK
    The Scale of Cyber Crime in the UK
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scaleofcybercrime021118.mp3

    Random Words Messages
    What do emails with apparently random words messages mean?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-randomwordsmessages301118.mp3

    Radio Station Defeats Ransomware Attack
    Ransomware attacks can be very nasty and expensive but can be overcome if you plan properly
    Click to listen: FBNinja-radiostationdefeatsransomwareattack261018.mp3

    The TSB Phishing Scam
    The TSB Phishing Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-tsbphishingscam231018.mp3

    The Stop Smoking Protocol
    Another stop smoking method but pushed by scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-stopsmokingprotocol010119.mp3

    The Bills to be Paid scam
    A standard scam whereby you receive what appears to be a bill due to be paid
    Click to listen: fightbackninja-BillpaidscamTuesday160103.mp3

    Fake Website Gang Jailed
    More evil scammers put away
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakewebsitegangsentenced040119.mp3

    Exclusive Product Testers
    You too can join the community of Exclusive Product Testers - not that you'd want to
    Click to listen: FBNinja-exlusiveproducttesters091018.mp3

    SCARS Acts Against Romance Scams
    SCARS was created to help protect people against romance scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scarsactsagainstromancescams051018.mp3

    Craigslist Scams
    Craigslist publish information warning about scammers on Craigslist
    Click to listen: FBNinja-craiglistscams021018.mp3

    UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme
    UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ukgovernmentcyberessentialsscheme280918.mp3

    The Image Editing Scam
    The Image Editing Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theimageeditingscam250918.mp3

    Regulator to Protect Victims of Payment Scams
    Regulator to Protect Victims of Payment Scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-regulatortoprotectvictimsofpaymentscams210918.mp3

    Scammers on Pinterest
    You might think Pinterest is harmles but there are plenty of scammers use Pinterest
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scammersonpinterest180918.mp3

    How to Deal with Telephone Cold Callers
    How to deal with those pesky telephone cold callers
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-Advice on cold callers-Friday 160204.mp3

    The Fake Cyber Protection Scam
    Criminals stoking up fear of cyber crime for their own advantage
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefakecyberprotectionscam110918.mp3

    The Crypto Code Bitcoin Scam
    The Crypto Code Bitcoin Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecryptocodebitcoinscam040918.mp3

    UK Government Phishing Attacks
    UK Government websites are frequently copied as part of phishing attacks. What is the government doing to combat this problem?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ukgovernmentphishingattacks310818.mp3

    The Jesus Oil Scam
    Another Bible based scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thejesusoilscam280818.mp3

    UK Cyber Security Centre First Year
    The new UK Cyber Security Centre is making big advances in the fight against phishing sites and more
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ukcybersecuritycentrefirstyear240818.mp3

    LinkedIn Scams
    Be careful over messages apparently from within LinkedIn
    Click to listen: FBNinja-linkedinscams210818.mp3

    Google Project Zero
    Google have a team dedictaed to finding security bugs in everyone's software
    Click to listen: FBNinja-googleprojectzero170818.mp3

    The Beard Czar Scam
    Beard Czar do sell beard related products but it's their small print that catches people out
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebeardczarscam140818.mp3

    How Scammers Make Their Pitch Irresistible
    The techniques used by scammers to lure you into buying into whatever they are selling.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howscammersmaketheirproductirrestible100818.mp3

    The Fake Backup Scam
    Your backup service is active - but is it real?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-the fake backupscam070818.mp3

    How to Identify Ransomware
    If you're hit by ransomware, you need to identify the variant.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-identifyransomware030818.mp3

    BT Support Internet Scam
    Keurboom Communiations specialised in PPI cold calling- not any more.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-btsupportinternetscam310718.mp3

    Keurbom Communications Stopped
    Keurboom Communiations specialised in PPI cold calling- not any more.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-keurboomcommunicationsstopped270718.mp3

    3 Tools That Block Online Trackers
    Useful tools to block those online trackers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-3toolsthatblockonlinetrackers191018.mp3

    Trustpilot Reviews
    Honest customer reviews of businesses are important
    Click to listen: FBNinja-trustpilot200718.mp3

    Are Facebook Private Lotteries Legal?
    There are numerous Facebook lottery groups - should you try them?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-arefacebookprivatelotterieslegal170718.mp3

    G has Problems with Scam Phone Caller
    How do you deal with a persistent scam caller?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-Ghasproblemswithscammphonecaller130718.mp3

    Santander Scam Avoidance School
    Santander aims to protect elderly customers from scams.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-santanderscamavoidanceschool121018.mp3

    Don't Feel Guilty About Being Scammed
    Anyone in any walk of life can be scammed, so there's nothing to feel guilty about if you are conned by criminals.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dontfeelguiltyaboutbeingscammed060718.mp3

    The Yahoo Security Scam
    The Yahoo Security Scam is a variant of the Microsoft Support Call Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theyahoosecurityscam030718.mp3

    The United Nations Police 419 Scam
    Those 419 scammers keep thinking up new versions
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theunitednationspolice419scam161018.mp3

    The Fashion Sale Fake Site Scam
    Scammers taking advantage of the pull of high fashion at discount prices
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefashionsalefakesite260618.mp3

    The Inflammation Belly Scam
    Scammers jumping on the bandwagon of inflammation fighting
    Click to listen: FBNinja-the inflammationbellyscam190618.mp3

    The Coffee Shop Facebook LIke
    Just how easy is it to get people's personal information from just a Facenook like?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecoffeeshopfacebooklike150618.mp3

    2017 - A Year of Scams and Spam and Data Breaches
    2017 - A Year of Scams and Spam and Data Breaches
    Click to listen: FBNinja-2017ayearofscamandspams120618.mp3

    The Battle Against Illegal Pharmacies
    People buy medicines on the Internet, but may have no idea what they got instead
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebattleagainstilegalmedicines080618.mp3

    The Danger of Online Wishlists
    People start online wishlists for happy reasons - but criminals can access these to their benefit.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thedangerofonlinewishlists050618.mp3

    Take Five Stop Fraud
    Take Five Stop Fraud campaign
    Click to listen: FBNinja-takefivestopfraud010618.mp3

    Scammers targeting Elderley Are Caught
    Scammers targeting Elderley Americams Are Caught in large scale operation
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scammerstargetingelderleyarecaught140918.mp3

    Mumsnet Fights Back Against Online Fraud
    The Mumsnet community warns about online fraud faced by it's Mums
    Click to listen: FBNinja-mumsnetfightsbackagainstonlinefraud250518.mp3

    The Bitcoin Code Scam
    Bitcoin is in the news a lot so the scammers jump on it to attract the unwary.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebitcoincodescam220518.mp3

    Joe Lycett and the Property Scammer
    Comedian Joe Lycett takes on a Property Scammer
    Click to listen: FBNinja-comedianjoelycetttakesonapropertyscammer180518.mp3

    Easy to Guess Passwords and Pin Numbers
    If your password or Pin is on the most used list then you must change it ASAP
    Click to listen: FBNinja-easyguesspasswords150518.mp3

    Auto Rescam the Scammers
    Have you ever wished there was somone or something that could repsond to those dumb spam emails and keep the scammer.spammer tied up inpointless conversations??? There is - auto rescam.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-autorescamthescammers110518.mp3

    Is Your PC Mining Bitcoins
    Is Your PC Mining Bitcoins For Someone Else Without Your Knowledge?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-isyourpcminingbitcoinsforsomeone240718.mp3

    Netsafe in New Zealand
    New Zealand's Answer to Internet Fears
    Click to listen: FBNinja-netsafeinnewzealand040518.mp3

    The Gmail Phishing Scam
    Scammers are turning to Gmail accounts - why?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-gmailphishingscam010518.mp3

    Maintain Online Privacy
    Tips for keeping your online privacy
    Click to listen: FBNinja-maintainonlineprivacy270418.mp3

    The Order Processed Scam
    Your order has been processed - but is it your order?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theorderprocessedscam240418.mp3

    Scam Survivors Website
    A webiste to help victims of scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scamsurvivorswebsite200418.mp3

    The Wishing Scam
    Ivanka Trump's Secret Law of Attraction
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thewishingscam170418.mp3

    Doorstep Safety
    How to Stay Safe from Scammers on the Doorstep
    Click to listen: FBNinja-doorstepsafety130418.mp3

    The Diabetes Cure Scam
    Moronic scammers who even claim to cure type 1 diabetes
    Click to listen: FBNinja-type1diabetescurescam100718.mp3

    Online Watch Link
    Online Watch Link is an information service for Neighbourhood Watches and others.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-onlinewatchlink060418.mp3

    The Business Email Money Transfer Scam
    How scammers impersonate your CEO to get you to pay them.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebusinessemailmoneytransferscam030418.mp3

    KB Says Do Not Be Fooled
    KB has personal experience of scammers close to her and warns 'Do not be fooled - whoever they are'
    Click to listen: FBNinja-kbsaysdontbefooled300318.mp3

    The Wangiri Phone Scam
    If your phone rings once and stops - do not call back. Read why.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thewangiriphonescam270318.mp3

    KB and the Policeman Scammer
    KB's boyfriend was a Policman and unknown to her a scammer.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-kbandthepolicmanscammer230318.mp3

    The Re-Shipping scam
    Why you shouldn't forward packages
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thereshippingscam200318.mp3

    KB Married to a Scammer
    KB didn't suspect that her husband was a scammer
    Click to listen: FBNinja-kbmarriedtoascammer160318.mp3

    Western Union Repays Scammed Money
    Western Union Repays Scammed Money at insistence of US Government
    Click to listen: FBNinja-westernuniontorepayscammedmmoney290618.mp3

    A Fake Job Offer
    Scammers offer non eistent jobs as part of phishing scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-afakejoboffer080518.mp3

    The Betting Experts Scam
    The Betting Experts are opening their doors for just 50 more customers - make sure you're not one of them
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebettingexpertsscam060318.mp3

    British Scammers Caught in Spain
    The food poisoning scam was prevalent in some Spanish resorts
    Click to listen: FBNinja-britishscammerscaughtinspain020318.mp3

    The Cellulite Cure Scam
    A simple scam based on cures for cellulite
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecellulitecurescam270218.mp3

    British Scammers Caught in Spain
    British scammers tricking hotels and restaurants in Spain
    Click to listen: FBNinja-britishscammerscaughtinspain020318.mp3

    Top 10 Business Scams
    The most common scams that target businesses
    Click to listen: FBNinja-top10businessscams200218.mp3

    Trojan Horse Emails
    Emails can contain a lot of nasties
    Click to listen: FBNinja-trojanhorseemails290518.mp3

    The Money for Nothing Scam
    Can you really get a lot of money for no effort?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themoneyfornothingscam130218.mp3

    Legal Steps To Recover Stolen Money
    What are the legal steps taken by a barrister to recover money from scammers?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-legalstepstorecoverstolenmoney090218.mp3

    The Bitcoin Money Making Scam
    Lots of Bitcoin scams around as the cyber currency continues to be in the news
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebitcoinmoneymakingscam060218.mp3

    38 Degrees Campaigns
    A great campaigning website
    Click to listen: FBNinja-38degreescampaigns090318.mp3

    Amateur detective Recovers Stolen Money
    A Barrister was hit by scammers but he recovered the money they had stolen
    Click to listen: FBNinja-amateurdetectiverecoversstolenmoney020218.mp3

    A Ridiculous Investment Opportunity
    Even ridiculous investment opportunites are taken up by some desperate to make money
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ridiculousinvestmentopportunity300118.mp3

    The Consumer Action Group
    The Consumer Action Group provide advice on everything to do with being a consumer
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theconsumeractiongroup260118.mp3

    The Fake Arthritis Cure
    Arthritis is a very common ailment so the scammers like to offer 'cures'
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefakearthritiscure230118.mp3

    BT Call Protect
    BT Call Protect Service can block unwanted callers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-btcallprotect190118.mp3

    The Damaged Roof Scam
    A workman offers to fix damage he caused accidentally - free of charge
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thedamagedroofscam100418.mp3

    The Royal Mail Deals with Scam Mail
    How is Royal Mail tackling the scourge of scam mail
    Click to listen: FBNinja-royalmaildealswithscammail120118.mp3

    Mental Superpowers
    A promise of mental super powers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-mentalsuperpowers090118.mp3

    The Hearing Clinic Fined £220,000
    The Hearing Clinic abused the rules on cold calling and their boss got his come-uppance
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thehearingclinicfined220thousandpounds050118.mp3

    US Charges 14 Over $147 million Fraud
    One of the biggest fraud cases ever
    Click to listen: FBNinja-uscharges14over147milliondollarfraud291217.mp3

    The Fund Raising Preference Service
    Are you bothered by charity callers? - you can register to block them.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefundraisingpreferenceservice221217.mp3

    The Fake Bride Scam
    Would you marry an unknown woman for a share of $10.5 million?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefakebridescam191217.mp3

    Who Makes the Cold Calls
    Who is it that makes all of the cold calls?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whomakesthecoldcalls151217.mp3

    The Michael Mosley 3 Day Diabetes Cure Scam
    Doctor Michael Mosley's name is being used in a Diabetes scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themichaelmosley3daydiabetescure121217.mp3

    Francis deals with scam email
    Francis doesn't put up with sscammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-francisdealswithscamemail081217.mp3

    Warning of Fake Job Adverts
    Be wary of job ads on the Internet, email and text
    Click to listen: FBNinja-warningoffakejobadverts051217.mp3

    Wayne and Jill Scambaiting
    Wayne and Jil just love to waste the scammers time and tie them up in knots
    Click to listen: FBNinja-wayneandjillscambaiting011217.mp3

    The Instagram Money Flipping Scam
    Do you really believe an offer to flip your money into 10 times the amount?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theinstagrammoneyflippingscam281117.mp3

    PPI Claims Company Fined £570,000
    A PPI claims company gets its comeuppance
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ppiclaimscompanyfined£570000 241117.mp3

    The Lottery Method Scam
    A typical lottery scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-38degreescampaigns090318.mp3

    The Free Lotto Prizes Scam
    You win a free lotto but there aren't actually any prizes !!!
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefreelottoprizescam141117.mp3

    How to Freeze Your Credit
    Are you in a situation where you need to ensure no more credit is taken out in your name?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtofreezeyourcredit101117.mp3

    Fake Mystery Shopper Jobs
    Watch out for fake jobs as mystery shoppers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakemysteryshopperjobs071117.mp3

    Bob Servant Fights Back Against Scammers
    Bob Servant Makes the Scammers Mad With His Demands
    Click to listen: FBNinja-bobservantfightsbackagainstscammers160218.mp3

    The £1000 Gift Card Scam
    A £1000 gift card for your favourite supermarket sounds good, but ...
    Click to listen: FBNinja-the1000poundgiftcardscam311017.mp3

    How to Spot Scam Emails
    There are warning signs to look for to see if an email is a scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtospotscamemails271017.mp3

    The Amazon Order Cancellation Scam
    The Amazon Order Cancellation Scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theamazonordercancellationscam241017.mp3

    Stop Scammers dot Com
    A database of tens of thousands of female scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-website-stop-scammers201017.mp3

    The Kitchenware Car Park Scammer
    A team of scammers who operate in car parks and at school entrances
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thekitchenwarecarparkscam171017.mp3

    The American Natural Superfood Scam
    Another of the supposed superfoods that can cure every ailment known to man.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theamericannaturalsuperfoodscam160118.mp3

    Fake Letter Repository
    A website where you can check any letters or emails to see if they are standard scammer letters
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakeletterrepository131017.mp3

    Scam Victims Compensation Scam
    Scammers sometimes target previous victims of scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scamvictimscompensationscam101017.mp3

    Fake Business Opportunity
    Scam business opportunites abound
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakebusinessopportunity031017.mp3

    Barclays Fraud Smart Adverts
    Barclays TV fraud ads are making a serious point
    Click to listen: FBNinja-barclaysdigitalsafetyadverts290917.mp3

    The Online Chain Letter Scam
    You might think that in the age of the Internet, chain letters have vanished but that's far from true.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-onlinechainletterscam261217.mp3

    Warrington Gears Up Against Scammers
    Warrington gets ready to repel scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-warringtongearsupagainstscammers220917.mp3

    The Genetic Destiny Scam
    A scammer claiming you have 'wealth' genes that can be activated
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thegeneticdestinyscam190917.mp3

    The Man Who Stopped the NHS Ransomware Attack
    The hero who stopped that Wannacry ransomware attack on the NHS
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theherowhostoppedtheNHSransomwareattack150917.mp3

    Holiday and Travel Scams
    Too many travellers and holiday buyers get caught out by the scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-holidayandtravelscams120917.mp3

    Scamming the Scammer: Joseph Moekenna
    Some scammers are morons and can be played for laughs
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scammingthescammerjosephmoekenna080917.mp3

    Grandma and Grandpa Rapid Weight Loss
    Grandma and Grandpa have a secret for almost instant weight loss
    Click to listen: FBNinja-grandmaandgrandparapidweightloss050917.mp3

    Ivana and the Gumtree Courier Scam
    Ivana recognises a scam on Gumtree
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ivanaandthegumtreepaypalscam010917.mp3

    The Clear-Smart Fake TV Scam
    Clear-Smart sold TVs on the Internet but customers didn't get them.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-clearsmarttvsalesscam290817.mp3

    How to Make Your Website Trusted
    What can you do to give people confiedence in your website?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtomakeyourwebsitetrusted250817.mp3

    Worldwide Business Review Awards
    How valid are the Worldwide Business Review Awards?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-worldwidebusinessreviewawards220817.mp3

    Teenage Hacker Jailed
    Teenage hacker Adam Mudd made a fortune from selling hacking software
    Click to listen: FBNinja-teenagehackerjailed180817.mp3

    The Trading Options Scam
    Trading options is a dodgy bueiness especially with so many scammers about
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thetradingoptionsscam150817.mp3

    Post Office Tears up Scam Letters
    The Royal Mail finally starts to take some action over scam letters
    Click to listen: FBNinja-postofficetearsupscamletters110817.mp3

    Airline Delays and Compensation
    Find out more on what you might be owed
    Click to listen: FBNinja-airlinedelaysandcompensation171117.mp3

    Call Blocking Phones for Dementia Sufferers
    The governemnt is moving to provide call blocking for vulnerable people
    Click to listen: FBNinja-callblockingphonesfordementiasufferers040817.mp3

    Email Address Compromise
    Has your email address compromised in a large scale data breach?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-emailaddresscompromised031117.mp3

    Russian Spammer Arrested
    An infamous Russian spammer takes a holkiday in the wrong country
    Click to listen: FBNinja-russianmassspammerarrested280717.mp3

    Anthem Agree Huge Fine
    Anthem Inc., is one of the largest U.S. health insurance companies and it has agreed to settle litigation, over hacking that happened in 2015, for a total of $115 million.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-anthemagreeshugefine061017.mp3

    Legal Beagles Consumer Forum
    The Legal Beagles consumer forum has a huge number of members and shares advice and information about everything legal.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-legalbeaglesconsumerforum210717.mp3

    Warning: Antibiotics for sale online
    More and more online companies offer drugs including antibiotics for sale without proper checks
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookscammerisscammed140717.mp3

    Facebook Scammer Scammed
    A facebook scammer meets her match
    Click to listen: FBNinja-facebookscammerisscammed140717.mp3

    The Pump and Dump Scam
    Pump and dump is an old stock market scam but it's popular again
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thepumpanddumpscam110717.mp3

    The Scumbag Awards 2017
    The Fightback Ninja has created the Scumbag Awards to highlight the dreadful scammers and their activities. You can pick the winners.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scumbagawards2017070717.mp3

    The Chilli Fat Reduction Secret
    Another supposed magical way to reduce weight
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thechillifatburningsecret260917.mp3

    How to Report a Bad Website
    You come across a bad website - but who do you report it to?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtoreportabadwebsite300617.mp3

    Domain Name Renewal Scam
    A scammer who checks when your domain names are due for renewal and ...
    Click to listen: FBNinja-domainnamerenewalscam270617.mp3

    CIFAS Protective Registration
    If you've had your identity stolen then CIFAS registration can provide some protection
    Click to listen: FBNinja-cifasprotectiveregistration230617.mp3

    Surrey Roadside Scam
    A nasty roadside con that has been happening again in Surrey recently
    Click to listen: FBNinja-surreyroadsidescam200617.mp3

    The Trust Alliance
    The Trust Alliance
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thetrustalliance160617.mp3

    The Facebook Notification Scam
    The scammers know that Facebook sends out lots of notifications but ...
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefacebooknotificationscam130617.mp3

    How to Resolve Your Complaint Expertly
    The best way to make that complaint
    Click to listen: FBNinja-resolveyourcomplaintexpertly090617.mp3

    The Magic Hair Restorer Scam
    There are endles emails offering magic health remedies but ...
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themagichairlossrestorerscam060617.mp3

    Consumer Rights and Scams
    The Consumer Rights Act can be useful in getting moeny from scammers.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-consumerrightsandscams020617.mp3

    Lifestyle Survey Phone Calls
    Those dumb phone calls asking for your opinions
    Click to listen: FBNinja-lifestylesurveyphonecalls300517.mp3

    Chancellor Stops Subscription Trap
    The Chancellor takes action over the so called subscription trap
    Click to listen: FBNinja-chancellortostopsubscriptiontrapscam260517.mp3

    The Kind Helper Nigerian 419 Scam
    Yet another variant on the Nigerian 419 scams - this time a lady offering to help you
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thekindhelpernigerian419scam230517.mp3

    What is Clickbait?
    The Internet is incresingly full of clickbait designed to get you to click something but generally leaving you wishing you hadn't.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whatisclickbait190517.mp3

    The Bill Gates Power Scam
    Get unlimited power in your home and no electric bills to pay- yeah right!
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebillgatespowerscam160517.mp3

    A Case of Seller Beware
    Sometimes sellers have to be wary and keep all of the documentation
    Click to listen: FBNinja-acaseofselerbeware120517.mp3

    The Money System Scam
    A simple money making scam called The Money System
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themoneysystemscam250717.mp3

    UK Biggest Cyber Criminals Caught
    The biggest network of cyber criminals have been brought to justice.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thepenaltychargenoticescam020517.mp3

    The Penalty Charge Notice Scam
    OOPS - A parking ticket or driving infringement notice. Could it be real?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thepenaltychargenoticescam020517.mp3

    The Shared Millions Scam
    How would you like to share in a pot worth millions? But does it exist?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thesharedmillionsscam010817.mp3

    The NatWest Account Blocked Scam
    A typical bank account scam trying to get your confidential information
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thenatwestblockedaccountscam250417.mp3

    New Cyber Security Centre
    The government open a new cyber security centre
    Click to listen: FBNinja-governmentnewcybersecuritycentre210417.mp3

    The Overpayment Refund Scam
    Don't be taken in by an overpayment
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theoverpaymentrefundscam180417.mp3

    Louise and the Microsoft Support Scammer
    Louise was almost taken in by this common phone scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-louiseandthemicrosoftsupportscammer140417.mp3

    DVLA Phishing Scam
    An email to worry people about whether they've reported the right information to the DVLA
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dvlaphishingscam040717.mp3

    Trashcan Disposable Email Addresses
    Disposable email addresses can be useful when you don't want to give out your real email address.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-trashcandisposableemailaddresses070417.mp3

    The Green Card Lottery Scam
    There's always big competition to get a Green Card for America and the scammers know this
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thegreencardlotteryscam040417.mp3

    Caller Protection Company Fined For Cold Calls
    A company selling caller protection systems was fined for making cold callers.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-callerprotectioncompanyfined310317.mp3

    Paybook Club Social media Network
    The new social media network Paybookclub that claims to pay you for making posts
    Click to listen: FBNinja-paybookclubsocialmedianetwork280317.mp3

    How to Play the Telemarketers Game
    The telemarketers game is a bit of fun for when those dreaded cold callers pester you
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtoplaythetelemarketersgame240317.mp3

    The Company Investigation Notice Scam
    A notice of company problems - but not what it seems
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecompanyinvestigationnoticescam210317.mp3

    How to Charge Cold Callers
    It is possible to charge cold callers but you have to be organised
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtochargecoldcallers170317.mp3

    The Self Defence Scam
    Self Defence on the Internet
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theselfdefencescam140317.mp3

    Advertising Scammers Busted
    Advertising scammers brought to justice
    Click to listen: FBNinja-liverpoolscammersbusted100317.mp3

    Womens Clothes Special Offer Phishing Scam
    The offer of discount women's clothes or accesories to induce people into a phishing scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-womensclothesspecialofferphishingscam070317.mp3

    The Traffic Monsoon Ponzi Scheme Stopped
    This Ponzi scheme swindled over 160,000 people before it was stopped.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thetrafficmonsoonponzisstopped030317.mp3

    The Fake Hotel Booking Scam
    The biggest network of cyber criminals have been brought to justice.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefakehotelbookingscam090517.mp3

    Nuisance Caller Prosecuted
    Cold callers responsible for up to 330,000 calls per day are prosecuted.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-nuisancecallerprosecuted240217.mp3

    Lorraines Battle Over Fridge Insurance
    You would not expect an insurance company to scam you
    Click to listen: FBNinja-lorrainesbatleoverfridgeinsurance170217.mp3

    The Christian Charity Scam
    Just because an emailer claims to be a good Christian looking to help financially - doesn't make it genuine
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thechristiancharityscam140217.mp3

    How to Stay safe on Social Media
    The best steps for staying safe with use of social media services
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtostaysafeonsocialmedia100217.mp3

    Be a Scamsmart Investor
    Make sure you invest in a smart way to avoid the get rich opporunities that never work
    Click to listen: FBNinja-beascamsmartinvestor280417.mp3

    How to Protect Yourself Against Online Scams
    The steps you can take to protect yourself agianst these scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtoprotectyourselfagainstonlinescams030217.mp3

    Unexpected Facts About Scams
    Scammers and scams are not what you may expect
    Click to listen: FBNinja-unexpectedfactsaboutscams310117.mp3

    How to block spam emails
    We all get unsolicited emails - what can you do about it?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtoblockspamemails270117.mp3

    The Health Product Scam
    Every day there are new health product scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thehealthproductscam080817.mp3

    The Apple Fake Purchase Scam
    When a warning email arrives - be careful as many are just scams
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theapplefakepurchasescam110417.mp3

    Dodgy Investment Offers
    Scammers offer unusual investment opportunities.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dodgyinvestmentoffers170117.mp3

    Government Moves to Stop Pension Scammers
    Government wakes up to the scam industry targeting people's pensions
    Click to listen: FBNinja-governmentmovestostoppensionscammers130117.mp3

    The Vistafun Competition Trap
    You may end up signed on for Vistafun competitions without intending to
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thevistafuncompetitiontrap100117.mp3

    Ttrading Standards takes down Wyvern Media
    Trading Standards biggest operation takes down a nasty group of fraudsters
    Click to listen: FBNinja-tradingstandardstakesdownwyvernmedia060117.mp3

    The Government Gateway Phishing Scam
    A new phishing scam designed to catch your information
    Click to listen: FBNinja-governmentgatewayphishingscam030117.mp3

    How to Have a Safe Password
    What do you need to do to set a 'safe' password
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtokeepyourpasswordssafe301216.mp3

    The Miracle Eye Drops Scam
    These eye drops are so good they can fix any eye problems - so they claim
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themiracleeyedropsscam280217.mp3

    Government Fights back
    The government announce new plans to improve cyber defences and go on the attack
    Click to listen: FBNinja-governmentfightsback231216.mp3

    Fake Loan Companies
    Isn't that good - this company wants to lend me money at 3% for any purpose at all.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fakeloancompanies201216.mp3

    Security Blogger Scams the Scammer
    A French security blogger was so incensed by scammers calling his parents he decided to see what he could do
    Click to listen: FBNinja-securitybloggerscamsthescammer161216.mp3

    Quick Cash
    The Quick Cash scam that can be very expensive
    Click to listen: FBNinja-quickcash131216.mp3

    Chris Deals with Cold Callers
    Chirs has his own way to sort out those cold callers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-chrisdealswithcoldcallers091216.mp3

    Web Design and SEO Experts in Asia
    There are thousands if not millions of web design, SEO and Digital marketing 'experts' in Asia sending spam messages across the world
    Click to listen: FBNinja-webdevelopersandseoexpertsinasia061216.mp3

    Bob Servant says Delete This at Your Peril
    Bob Servant likes engaging with scammers and wasting their time in an often hilarious manner.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-bobservant021216.mp3

    The Charitable Gift Scam
    A charitable gift is not what it seems
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecharitablegiftscam070217.mp3

    Dealing With A BT OpenReach Scammer
    A conversation with a scammer claiming to be from BT OpenReach
    Click to listen: FBNinja-dealingwithabtopenreachscammer251116.mp3

    The Illegal Treasure Scam
    Some scams include an illegal element to make them seem more likely.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theillegaltreasurescam221116.mp3

    How Mrs X Was Scammed
    Mrs X did the right things but was still scammed
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howmrsxwasscammed181116.mp3

    Defending Fightback Ninja against online attack
    There are legion scammers and spammers out there who will attack any new websites and blogs in the hope of taking control of them.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-defendingfightbackninjablogagainstonlineattacks200117.mp3

    Warning; we have your information
    Extortion on the Internet as scammers claim to have your personal information and will release it on your social media
    Click to listen: FBNinja-warningwehaveyourinformation271216.mp3

    The Cyber Crime Recovery Commission Scam
    A fake commission promising refunds to people scammed.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thecybercrimerecoverycommissionscam240117.mp3

    Carols Story of Dealing with lloyd Loom
    Carol's story of how she was scammed by a furniture company
    Click to listen: FBNinja-carolsstoryofdealingwithlloydloom041116.mp3

    The Attached File Scam
    File attachments can be dangerous and the scammers use anything they can think of to get you to open them
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theattachedfilescam011116.mp3

    Crackdown by Information Commisioner
    Changes to the laws regarding scammers and spammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-crackdownbyinformationcommissioner281016.mp3

    The Skrill Account Scam
    A scam involving a Skrill payments account
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theskrillaccountscam251016.mp3

    Say NO to 0870 Numbers
    There are usually alternatives to the expensive 0870 numbers if you know where to look
    Click to listen: FBNinja-saynoto0870numbers211016.mp3

    Rickards Prediction of Economic Collapse
    Doomsayers are popular in America and Rickards has made an art of it - predicting economic collapse.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-rickardspredictionofeconomiccollapse181016.mp3

    How to Spot a Phishing Email
    Phishing emails are very common -people trying to get your confidential information. learn how to spot them.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-howtospotaphishingemail141016.mp3

    The Free Energy Machine Scam
    A new machine based on work by Nikolai Tesla that is supposed to provide free energy.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefreeenergymachinescam111016.mp3

    Scambaiting with the Crown Prince
    A scambaiting story that will make you laugh your socks off
    Click to listen: FBNinja-scambaitingwiththecrownprince071016.mp3

    The Seller Courier Scam
    A new scam involving courier charges on an item from eBay or other auction site
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thesellercourierscam041016.mp3

    The Psychology of Scammers
    There's a lot known about scammers and some may surprise you
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thepsychologyofscammers111116.mp3

    The Email Premium Phone Number Scam
    An email that exhorts you to dial an 0844 number for tech support
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theemailpremiumphonenumberscam291116.mp3

    Google Safe Search
    Google Safe Search can help protect your kids agianst things they shouldn't see on the Internet.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-googlesafesearch230916.mp3

    Nigerian 419 Scams Latest Variation
    Those Nigerian scammers continue making money from their advance fee frauds and you'd be surprised at the lateset twist.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-nigerian419scamslatest200916.mp3

    The Fake Zeus Virus Warning Scam
    A warning appears on your screen about the Zeus virus. What do you do?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefakezeusviruswarningscam151116.mp3

    The Fake Gas and Electric Bils Scam
    Many of us get online gas and electirc bills and the scammers want us to pay them instead
    Click to listen:

    FBI Take-Down of Fake Security Software Sellers
    The FBI operation to take-down a ring selling fake software to people they have convined have viruses on their computers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-fbitakedownoffakesecuritysoftwaresellers090916.mp3

    The brexit Email Scam
    A simple scam focussing on people who have commented on BREXIT online
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebrexitemailscam060916.mp3

    Unauthorised Activity Warning Scam
    A scam warning message from your email provider supposedly
    Click to listen: FBNinja-unauthorisedactivitywarningscam081116.mp3

    The Christian Marriage Coalition Scam
    A scam on a 'vitality' drink but uses the Christian Marriage Coailtion to make it sound respectable.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thechristianmarriagecoalitionscam300816.mp3

    Ollie and the Microsoft Scammer
    Ollie recognises a scam call supposedly from Microsoft Support
    Click to listen: FBNinja-ollieandthemicrosoftscammer300916.mp3

    The Argos Voucher Scam
    A simple scam offering Argos vouchers - but they don't exist
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theargosvoucherscam230816.mp3

    Doorstep Cold Caller Signs
    Signs you can use to deter cold callers from your doorstep
    Click to listen: FBNinja-doorstepcoldcallerwarningsign190816.mp3

    The Business Directory Scam
    A business directory you may or may not want to be on
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thebusinessdirectoryscam160816.mp3

    Sara Confronts a local Business Scammer
    Sara has to confront the man who scammed her out of nearly £1000 with the help of the Fightback Ninja
    Click to listen: FBNinja-saraconfrontsalocalbusinessscammer120816.mp3

    Fake Text Message From Loved Ones
    You receive a text message from a loved one - but is it genuine?
    Click to listen: FBNinja-faketextmessagesfromlovedones270916.mp3

    US Government takes Down PCCare 247 Scammer
    US government acting with other countries takes down a major scamming ring
    Click to listen: FBNinja-usgovernmenttakesdownpccare247-050816.mp3

    The Amazon Seller Scam
    You may feel safe dealing with Amazon but you still have to be careful not to get conned
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theamazonsellerscam020816.mp3

    Joanne has a persistent cold caller
    Cold calling can turn into stalking or harassment sometimes.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-Joannehasapersistentcoldcaller290716.mp3

    Twitter fights back Against Scammers
    Twitter's latest moves to thwart the scammers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-twitterfightsbackagainstscammers260816.mp3

    The Magic Phone Number
    A phone number you can use when those online suppliers demand one and uyou dont't want to comply
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themagicphonenumber220716.mp3

    Apple Virus Warning Scam
    A fake wwarning of a virus in iTunes
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theappleviruswarningscam190716.mp3

    Julie Deals with Cold Callers by Being Caring
    Julie is a committed Christian and has her own way of dealing with cold callers.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-Juliedealswithcallersby being caring150716.mp3

    The Lottery Club Scam
    Lottery clubs offer discounts and free lines and more but don't be deceived.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thelotteryclubscam120716.mp3

    Opt Out of Royal Mail Junk Mail Deliveries
    How to stop the postman delivering those unaddressed leaflets and envelopes
    Click to listen: FBNinja-royalmailoptoutofjunkmaildeliveries020916.mp3

    The Tax Refund Scam
    There are a lot of these emails claiming you have a tax refund due.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thetaxrefundscam050716.mp3

    Pete Deals With Cold Callers
    Winifred's boss Pete has his own way of dealing with cold callers.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-petedealswithcoldcallers010716.mp3

    Roger Annies and the Royal Mail Opt Out of Junk Mail
    Roger Annies was an everyday postman and he tried to help his customers reduce their junk mail but his bosses at Royal Mail were not amused.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-rogeranniesandtheroyalmailoptout160916.mp3

    The Virus Found Scam
    Scammers claim your PC has a virus and they can fix it.
    Click to listen:

    The Unknown Heir Scam
    Scammers claiming you are heir to a fortune - don't believe it.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theunknownheirscam210616.mp3

    Doreen Deals With Cold Callers
    Doreen's Way to Deal With Those Cold Calling Pests
    Click to listen: FBNinja-doreendealswithcoldcallers170616.mp3

    The National Lottery Scam
    There are lots of versions of the National Lottery scam
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thenationallotteryscam140616.mp3

    Bombard Cold Callers with Questions
    If you bombard cold callers with questions, they are likely to give up.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-harrybombardsthecoldcallerswithquestions080716.mp3

    Susan Deals with a Scammer
    Susan's approach to delaing with a scam phone call
    Click to listen: FBNinja-susandealswithascammer030616.mp3

    The Alzheimer's scam
    A dreadful scam using the lure of a fake cure for Alzheimer's
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thealzheimersscam310516.mp3

    Winifred's Approach
    How Winifred deals with Cold Callers
    Click to listen: FBNinja-winifredsaproach270516.mp3

    The Old Friend Scam
    Don't be conned into clicking just because the message claims to be from an old friend
    Click to listen: FBNinja-theoldfriendscam280616.mp3

    Valerie Deals with Cold Callers
    Valerie doesn't like cold callers and deals with them her way.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-Valeriedealswithcoldcallers240616.mp3

    The Fake Morrisons Survey Scam
    A fake survey scam claiming to be by Morrisons supermarkets
    Click to listen: FBNinja-thefakemorrisonssurveyscam090816.mp3

    The kitchenware Scammer
    An apparently Swiss guy who sells high end kitchenware in car parks and shopping areas but its all fake.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-kitchenwarescammer170516.mp3

    Stop Cold Callers by Threatening legal Action
    Another way to stop cold callers - threaten legal action.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-stopcoldcallersbythreateninglegalaction130516.mp3

    Double glazing
    Those double glazing salesmen at your door
    Click to listen: FBNinja-doubleglazing060516.mp3

    The Bank Account Reactivation Scam
    A typical scam email enticing you to reactivate your bank account. All fake.
    Click to listen: FBNInja-bankaccountreactivationscam100516.mp3

    The Miss Ayesha Gadaffi Scam
    An apparent email from a daughter of Colonel Gadaffi wanting help with investments in this country
    Click to listen: FBNinja-TheMissAyeshaGadaffiScam240516.mp3

    The Magazine Subscription Scam
    Dont be decieved into paying for a subscription you dont need
    Click to listen: FBNinja-themagazinesubscriptionscam070616.mp3

    The African Policeman Scam
    A common scam whereby some African official contacts you and wants to make an arrangement financially beneficial to both parties. Just a scam of course.
    Click to listen: FBNInja-TheAfricanPolicemanScam260416.mp3

    Annoy Cold Callers By Asking Personal Questions
    Annoy those cold callers by just asking quiestions - they wont want to answer as it doesn't fit the script they have to follow
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-AnnoyColdCallersByAskingPersonalQuestions220416.mp3

    The Microsoft Support Scam
    Scammers pretend to be from Microsoft or other computer companies
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-TheMicrosoftSupportScam190416.mp3

    The Elon Musk Scam
    Elon Musk is a brilliant inventor but some unscurulous scammer has used his name and invention to fake his message.
    Click to listen: FBNInja-TheElonMuskScam030516.mp3

    Fightback Ninja interviewed by James Pearce
    The Fightback Ninja lets down his guard just a little for an interview by James Pearce of Brooklands Radio
    Click to listen: FBNinja-interviewwithJamesPearce100616.mp3

    Who Called me
    If you're getting cold calls from unlisted numbers then there are ways to find out who called.
    Click to listen: FBNinja-whocalledme200516.mp3

    The Missed Call Scam
    The phone rings but stops too quickly for you to answer it - that's just the start of the scam
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-themissedcallscam-Tuesday050416.mp3

    Confuse the Cold caller
    More Ways to confuse any cold caller
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-ConfuseTheColdCaller150416.mp3

    Graham Annoys a Car Accident Claim Scammer
    Graham gets fed up with constant calls from car insurance claims companies and decides to annoy the next cold caller.
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja -Grahamannoysacoldcaller-Friday010416.mp3

    Pre-Paid Envelopes
    A good use for those pre-paid envelopes we all receive
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-prepaidreturnenvelopes-Friday080416.mp3

    Annoy Cold Callers By being Friendly
    You can annoy these cold callers by being friendly and chatty - they hate it.
    Click to listen: FBNInja-AnnoyColdCallersByBeingFriendlyAndQuestioning290416.mp3

    A Humourous way to treat cold callers
    Adding some humour into dealing with cold callers
    Click to listen: \fightbackninja-greetcoldcallersFriday110316.mp3

    The Emails From Yourself scam
    Getting emails apparently from yourself is diisconcerting
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-EmailsFromYourselfScam120416.mp3

    The SEO Registration Scam
    Emails sent out to anyone who buys a new Internet domain name. Its just a sales pitch for SEO services but made to look as if its an essential part of having a new domain name.
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-SEOregistrationscam-Tuesday290316.mp3

    The Telephone Preference Service
    By registering with the Telephone preference Service you can seriously reduce the number of cold calls to your home phone.
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-telephonepreferenceservice-Friday250316.mp3

    The Courier Scam
    A simple email scam involving gettting your personal details by claiming they have a delivery to make to you.
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-courierscam-Tuesday220316.mp3

    The Intern Scam
    A standard email scam with someone pretending to want to be an intern at your company
    Click to listen: fightbackninja-InternScamTuesday080316.mp3

    Annoy Cold Callers By Making Noise
    How to annoy Cold Callers By Making a variety of noises.
    Click to listen: fightbackninja-AnnoycoldcallersFriday040316.mp3

    The mailbox Scam
    A standard scam whereby you get emails claiming that your mailbox is full or nearly full and that you have to take action.
    Click to listen: fightbackninja-mailboxfullscam-Tuesday150316.mp3

    The Bill to be Paid scam
    A standard scam whereby you receive what appears to be a bill due to be paid
    Click to listen: fightbackninja-BillpaidscamTuesday160103.mp3

    Annoy Cold Callers By Wasting Their Time
    There are lots of ways to annoy cold callers by wasting their time as they are wasting yours.
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-AnnoyColdCallersTuesday160216.mp3

    Richard Herman Charges PPI Cold Caller
    Richard Herman - a BT engineer got so sick of PPI calls he figured out how to charge the callers.
    Click to listen: fightbackninja-richardherman-Friday180316.mp3

    Survey Phone calls
    Those annoying calls asking you to answer questions for a survey
    Click to listen: FightBackNinja-SurveyCalls100216.mp3

    BT Call Blocker Phone
    The new phone from BT that includes Call Guardian
    Click to listen: FightBackNinja-BTCallsWednesday090216.mp3

    Annoy Cold Callers by Being an Answer machine
    How to annoy those pesky cold callers by pretending to be an answer machine
    Click to listen: \fightbackninja-AnnoyColdCallersTuesday230216.mp3

    Cheeky Replies to Scammers
    James Veitch having fun at the scammers expense
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-cheekyreplies-020216.mp3

    Advice on Dealing with Telephone Cold Callers
    How to deal with those pesky telephone cold callers
    Click to listen: FightbackNinja-Advice on cold callers-Friday 160204.mp3