Friday 15 November

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox
10.0 am Dave Jemitus
Music and chat including the lighter news stories of the day and the latest happenings in Surrey. Including at 10.30 The Papers, 11.30 Fightback Ninja helping to defeat scammers, spammers and time-wasters and at 12.30 Lateral Thinking Puzzle.

1.0 pm Surrey News Review
Graham Laycock
with the week’s local Surrey News from the Surrey Advertiser and
Repeated at 7.0 pm and then available as a podcast.

1.15 pm Graham Laycock
Afternoon music and conversation including news of events in Surrey.
at 1.30 Woking & Sam Beare Hospices Lottery Draw
The winning numbers in today’s lottery draw and forthcoming fund raising events.
at 3.30 Events In Surrey with Diana Roberts Tourism Consultant with the essential guide for things to see and do in Surrey over the coming weeks.

4.0 pm Trevor James’s Feel Good..It's Friday
The weekend starts here with three hours of only the best songs from across the decades to date. A look back at This Day in History and from 6.30 The Essential Friday Night Live Gig Guide and The Motown Countdown.

7.0 pm Surrey News Review
Graham Laycock
with the week’s local Surrey News from the Surrey Advertiser and
R - Broadcast at 1.0pm today and available as a podcast.

7.30 pm Modern Aged Middle Life
Emily Baum
and Graham Jarvis are middle aged comedy writers befuddled by the modern world. Together they take a humorous approach to solving day to day issues and discussing hard hitting subjects such as “What ever happened to knitted swimming trunks?” Join them for a laugh and explore the world through their eyes.
Next edition at 7.30 pm next Friday and available to listen again at

8.0 pm Jim Richman’s 60s Spotlight
The show dedicated to the music of the sixties featuring classic hits and some less well known.
10.0 pm The Blues Connection
Kid Jensen
and Roger McCormick explore the Blues and its musical connections in Rock, Soul and many other genres. Features include in-session interviews and live music from current artists, and deep dives into the "Soulful Corner" and along the "Heritage Trail." From Muddy to Marvin, Hank to Hendrix and BB to EC. Modern greats like Joanne Shaw Taylor and Gary Clark Jnr., seasoned veterans like Van Morrison and Buddy Guy and Blues legends like Howlin' Wolf and Little Walter.
Listen again at

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox