Saturday 23 January

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

7.0 am Michael Weldon
Morning music and chat with helpful information for Surrey and featuring at 9.10 Toddlers Tracks.

10.0 am Saturday with MG
Mike Gurr
playing all those songs you’d forgotten until you hear them on the radio plus a bit of chat along the way including what’s happening in Surrey.

12.0 pm John Cull Goes Back To 1977
The music and news headlines from the year that the UK came second in the Eurovision Song Contest and Freddie Laker launched Skytrain.

1.0 pm Barry Richards
The most important stories and events trending locally and nationally and the more obscure stories that you might have missed plus the best of week’s Celebrity Buzz, The Time Capsule and Something for the Weekend.

3.0 pm It’s All About The Ladies.
Alan Timbrell
will be playing 100% female artists from the female stars of the past to today’s main artists.  Along with the groups, there will also be cover songs completing the list of great female songs.  

4.0 pm JP’s Countdown to Saturday Night
Join James Pearce as he brings you feel good music, entertainment and news to welcome in the best night of the week. Expect some favourite features like ‘Crack the Connection’ as well as updates on local and national sport, all of which you can get interactive with on social media, @BrooklandsRadio.

6.0 pm Matthew England’s 70s Sequence
A super selection of non-stop classic 70s hits.

7.0 pm Suzanne’s World of Arts & Entertainment 
Suzanne Hunter
with more from her world of arts and entertainment.
More at
R – Broadcast last Thursday at 8.0 pm and listen again at

8.0 pm Mirth & Musicals 
Jim Allen
with songs and show tunes from the musicals mixed with classic comedy from the past and featuring The Two Ronnies.
R First broadcast in 2014.

10.0 pm Brooklands Country
Alex Nairn
with two hours of the best in Country music featuring new and established artists from across the world. It’s a feature packed show this week. Peter’s Vintage Vault puts the spotlight on Duane Eddy. Enjoy two tracks from K T Oslin who sadly died in December. The Country Music A to Z arrives at the letter “I” with music from Infamous Stringdusters, Jason Isbell and Kira Isabella. Three Country Covers challenge your knowledge of music as we ask who did the originals? The CMA Album of the Year for 1969 has Johnny Cash performing inside San Quentin. Listener Requests as well as classics and new releases complete the bill.
R Broadcast last Monday at 8.0 pm and listen again at

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox