Saturday 22 January

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

7.0 am Brooklands Breakfast
Alan Timbrell
features a great selection of music to start your day plus the latest events and happenings in Surrey, regular travel news for the county and at 7.30 The Papers and at 8.30 Today’s Sport national and in Surrey.

9.0 am Tim Mitchell
Music and chat including a quiz to exercise the mind plus news of events in Surrey.

10.0 am
Mike Gurr
aying all those songs you’d forgotten until you hear them on the radio plus a bit of chat along the way including what’s happening in Surrey.

12.0 pm John Cull Goes Back To 1979
John returns to the year 1979 to look at the news and the music – Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and Elvis Costello was climbing the charts.

1.0 pm The Weekend Show
Barry Richards
and Leanne Brown with the afternoon music and chat including the most important stories and events trending locally and nationally and the more obscure stories that you might have missed.

3.0 pm It’s All About The Ladies.
Alan Timbrell
will be playing 100% female artists from the female stars of the past to today’s main artists. Along with the groups, there will also be cover songs completing the list of great female songs.  

4.0 pm Countdown to Saturday Night
Alex Nairn bringing you feel good music, entertainment and news to welcome in the best night of the week.

6.0 pm Matthew England’s 70s Sequence
Non-stop Sounds of the Greatest 70s hits.

7.0 pm Hunter’s Hollywood Hits & Brit Flicks – Classical Music In Cinema
As Classic FM celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2022 Suzanne Hunter explores timeless classical music that features in films. Along with bits of trivia, behind the scenes stories and chat you're guaranteed plenty of great music from Mozart, to Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi to Puccini and more all which featured in films like "A Beautiful Mind" "Bond" "Titanic" "Room With a view" "Hannibal" "Amadeus" "Shine" and many many more.
R – Broadcast last Thursday at 9.0 pm and available after transmission to listen again at

8.0 pm Mirth & Musicals 
Jim Allen
with songs and show tunes from the musicals mixed with classic comedy from the past and featuring Dames.
R - First broadcast in 2017.

10.0 pm Brooklands Country
Alex Nairn
with two hours of the best in Country music featuring new and established artists from across the world. Alex is joined by listener and regular requestor Nick Parish who will be focusing on the ladies of country and his 5 favourite songs come from Mary Chapin Carpenter, Beth Neilsen Chapman, Sunny Sweeney, Gretchen Peters and Brandy Clark. Also listen out for award winning songs and albums from the past, Peter’s Vintage Vault and much more.
R – Broadcast last Monday at 8.0 pm and listen again at      

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox