Sunday 18 May

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

6.0 am Brooklands Breakfast On The Go
Grab your early morning starter as we get you on the Go with non-stop music to brighten your breakfast and bring you up to date with news and weather.

8.0 am Brooklands Breakfast.
Graham Laycock
and Matthew England get Sunday off to a great start featuring what’s happening in Surrey, Matthew’s Moment, Junior Choice, Musical Moments and including at 8.30 The Papers, at 9.05 Celebrity Birthdays and at 9.30 Today’s Sport.

10.0 am Dave Jemitus

Mid-morning music and chat including the latest happenings in Surrey and featuring at 10.30 That Was The Week That Was, at 11.30 Fightback Ninja helping to defeat scammers, spammers and time-wasters and at 12.30 Lateral Thinking Puzzle.

1.0 pm The Crooners’ Songbook
Mark Mowbray brings you the world’s leading crooner artists from modern day to yesterday’s crooner stars, with some chat along the way, a perfect way to enjoy a relaxing Sunday lunchtime.
Repeated on Thursday at 7.0 pm and available after transmission to listen again at

2.0 pm Michael Weldon

The fun filled Sunday afternoon show playing the best tracks around plus the latest happenings in Surrey and featuring 3 from the 60s, a Classic Comedy Clip and at 4.10 Children’s Tracks

5.0 pm The Classical Collection - It’s all over bar the shouting
A phrase which originates from horse racing is applied to the programme for this week as Janet Shell explores final movements of works. Meanwhile it is by no means the final What’s On as we highlight concerts for you to enjoy in person.
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7.0 pm Soundtracks
Elise Martin brings you all the best soundtracks and scores from games, films and television shows across the globe from the classics to the latest, she has you covered. News of what’s coming up in the latest releases, and featuring the inspirations behind your favourite scores.

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8.0 pm Brea’s Booth
Brea Gosling 
meeting the movers and shakers in the entertainment business. This week royal photographer Ian Pelham Turner talking about his life behind the lens and playing his favourite tracks.
Repeated on Wednesday at 10.0 pm, listen again at

10.0 pm Hugh Evans’s Late Night Rock
Join Hugh for two hours of late night classic rock radio bringing you a range of classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, trucker rock, biker rock and more.
Repeated on Wednesday at 8.0pm and listen again at

12.0 pm Brooklands Radio Jukebox