Sunday 3 July 

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

8.0 am Brooklands Breakfast
Graham Laycock
and Matthew England get Sunday off to a great start featuring what’s happening in Surrey, Matthew’s Moment, Junior Choice, Celebrity Birthdays, Movie Moment plus at 8.10 The Papers, 8.30 Today’s Sport and 9.05 Sunday Viewpoint with Dr Nabil Mustapha from Elmbridge Multi-faith Forum.

10.0 am Dave Jemitus
Mid-morning music and chat including the latest happenings in Surrey and featuring at 10.30 In the News, at 11.30 Fightback Ninja helping to defeat scammers, spammers and time-wasters and at 12.30 Lateral Thinking Puzzle.

1.0 pm The Crooners’ Songbook
Mark Mowbray
brings you the world’s leading crooner artists from modern day to yesterday’s crooner stars, with some chat along the way, a perfect way to enjoy a relaxing Sunday lunchtime.
Repeated on Thursday at 7.0 pm and available after transmission to listen again at

2.0 pm Jim Richman’s 60s Spotlight
The show dedicated to the music of the sixties featuring classic hits and some less well known.
R – Broadcast last Friday at 8.0 pm.

4.0 pm Sounds Symphonic
Michael Weldon
features some the best popular singers accompanied by great orchestral arrangements.

5.0 pm The Classical Collection - Casually Classical
A selection of pieces that allow you to relax without listening too hard. And you won’t have to listen too hard to our presenter, Janet Shell, either. Brief introductions for each piece and then just lose yourself in the music and your thoughts! What’s On for Surrey looks at concerts coming up.
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7.0 pm Soundtracks
Elise Martin
brings you all the best soundtracks and scores from games, films and television shows across the globe from the classics to the latest, she has you covered. News of what’s coming up in the latest releases, and featuring the inspirations behind your favourite scores.
Available after transmission to listen again at

8.0 pm Brea’s Booth
Brea Gosling
with artists and their music featured in this year’s Glastonbury Festival.
Repeated on Wednesday at 10.0 pm and listen again at

10.0 pm Hugh Evans’s Late Night Rock
Join Hugh for two hours of late night classic rock radio bringing you a range of classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock, trucker rock, biker rock and more.
Repeated on Wednesday at 8.0 pm an available after transmission to listen again at

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox