Thursday 21 October
12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

10.0 am Alex Nairn
Sits in for Alan Bosson with the m
id-morning music and chat including the latest happenings in Surrey and featuring at 10.30 The Papers, This Day in History and at 12.30 The Soul Vault.

1.0 pm Your Health Matters
Jill Bennett
with the monthly series talking about health and wellbeing. 10 October is World Mental Health Day 2021 - an international day for global mental health education, awareness, and policy advocacy. This year’s theme, as announced by the World Federation for Mental Health, is Mental Health in an Unequal World and the show explores this topic with five amazing guests: Tricia Woolfrey, a highly qualified therapist and published author of 6 books; Vidya Bellur, a therapeutic coach and mentor; Lorraine Adebowale, a creative learning specialist, coach and NLP Practitioner; Paula Walsh, a self love and empowerment coach; and, Alessandro Ferullo, a Qigong teacher and winner of the 20-21 spiritual health practitioner of the year award.  All the contact details for these guests can be found on the Brooklands Radio Facebook page.
Repeated next Wednesday at 7.0 pm and available as a podcast at and the next edition Thursday 18 November at 1.0 pm.

2.0 pm James Pearce
Afternoon music and chat including the latest happenings in Surrey

4.0 pm It’s All About The Ladies.
Alan Timbrell
will be playing 100% female artists from the female stars of the past to today’s main artists. Along with the groups, there will also be cover songs completing the list of great female songs.  

5.0 pm
Graham Laycock
arly evening music and chat including the latest happenings in Surrey.

7.0 pm Classical Crossover 
Lisa Rollin
an electronic violinist and singer featuring an eclectic mix of classical and classical crossover music with well-known familiar pieces, new artists you’ll be excited to discover plus interviews with musicians. Music with beat, beauty and energy. It’s classical music with a twist.
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8.0 pm Just Women
The weekly programme for women of all ages introduced by Mandy Dineley.
Mandy Dineley talks to Katherine James – The Copy That Sells and author, her book entitled is 'The Story of Hope' and it's a beautifully illustrated fictional tale with a relevant real-life meaning about a Hero's journey through depression, from the safety of a beautiful cloak.
Jackie Mitchell talks to Patricia Goka from Holistic PT Studio is a movement coach who helps people rebalance their bodies and move with ease. After a Movement MOT, she creates tailored exercise and movement programmes to help peole with back and joint discomfort, both online and in person.
Ivana O’Brien talks to Cathie O'Dea author of 'A Path Well Travelled'. Since her retirement she has reignited her interests in art and crafts and now also creates bespoke baubles
R Broadcast on Tuesday at 1.0 pm and available to listen again at

9.0 pm Suzanne’s World of Arts & Entertainment
Suzanne Hunter with more celebrity interviews
More at
Repeated on Saturday at 7.0 pm and available after transmission to listen again at

10.0 pm Jazz London Live
Sarah Chaplin
featuring a broad selection of jazz from the last hundred years as well as a bit of funk, Latin and fusion, plus an interview with an artist or promoter from the world of jazz, Sarah's album of the week and the Gig Guide.
Available to listen again at

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox