Tuesday 22 January    
12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

10.0 am Dave Jemitus
Music and chat including the lighter news stories of the day and the latest happenings in Surrey. Including at 10.30 The Papers, 11.30 Fightback Ninja helping to defeat scammers, spammers and time-wasters and at 12.30 Lateral Thinking Puzzle.
1.0 pm Just Women
The weekly programme for women of all ages with Jackie Mitchell and guests:
Julia Elgar runs Just Ask Julia which helps business owners who struggle to get to grips with online marketing tools. www.justaskjulia.co.uk
Sigal Kellermann, who runs CMS System Designs, specialises in converting business workflows into secure database-drive web applications. www.cmsystemdesigns.com
Rachel Tombs runs two businesses, award-winning LinkedIn-focused business, Links2Leads, and Orion Legal Marketing which offers solicitors, barristers and mediators a comprehensive, insightful, strategic and practical marketing and business development service. www.links2leads.co.uk and www.orionlegalmarketing.co.uk
Repeated on Thursday at 8.0 pm and available to listen again at brooklandsradio.co.uk/justwomen.

2.0 pm Michael Grinter
Afternoon music and conversation including the latest happenings in Surrey and featuring
at 2.30 The Best of the Musicals
and at 3.30 Music from the Greatest Songwriters.

4.0 pm Alan Bosson
Afternoon music and chat including the lighter news stories of the day, the latest happenings in Surrey plus a visit to the Soul Vault and Guess The Year with clues throughout the show.

6.0 pm Dan Curtis
A great mix of music and conversation including:
At 6.30 The Amdram Shout Out
At 7.0 The 80s Hour

8.0 pm Anne Twist
The evening music mix featuring classics, fresh new tunes and the film soundtrack of the week.

10.0 pm The Progressive Alternative
Adrian Bell
features the best of Progressive Rock both ancient and modern, and everything of an Alternative nature, from the Underground to the Avant Garde and everything in-between.

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox