Wednesday 24 July

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

10.0 am Alan Bosson
Music and chat including the lighter news stories of the day, the latest happenings in Surrey, including at 10.30 The Papers, This Day In History and a couple of competitions.

1.0 pm John Cull Goes Back to 1991
John Cull
goes back to 1991 when Right Said Fred were topping the charts and Margaret Thatcher announced she was standing down as an MP.

2.0 Susie Mac
A great selection of music plus and chat including the latest happenings in Surrey.

4.0 pm Alex Nairn
The mid-week musical feast and chat including events in Surrey and the rush hour travel news plus this week’s Song for Bob and a Classic Showtune. There’s a taste of country music in Country Corner and in Versions an unfamiliar version of a familiar song and between 6 & 7pm Three Top 10 Hits from this week in the past.

7.0 pm Cool Connections
Roger McCormick
explores musical links and connections.
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8.0 pm Radio London
With over 50 years since the Marine Offences Act became law silencing the off-shore pirate radio stations John Cull relives the days when Pirate Radio ruled the airwaves looking back at Radio London featuring classic jingles, adverts and tracks of the era. Part 2 next week.

9.0 pm Classical Crossover
Lisa Rollin
an electronic violinist and singer presents a weekly series featuring an eclectic mix of classical and classical crossover music with well-known familiar pieces, new artists you’ll be excited to discover plus interviews with musicians. Music with beat, beauty and energy. It’s classical music with a twist.
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10.0 pm Brea’s Booth
Brea Gosling
with the evening music mix featuring classic tracks, fresh new tunes and featuring Amy Winehouse.
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12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox