Wednesday 20 January

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox

10.0 am Alan Bosson
Mid-morning music and chat including the lighter news stories of the day, the latest happenings in Surrey, including at 10.30 The Papers, This Day In History and a couple of competitions. 

1.0 pm Liam Grundy’s Musical Shed
Liam Grundy
brings the content of his ‘Musical Shed’ along to Brooklands Radio filled with songs that spread across genres, eras and tempos. Only one rule, they have to be Great! - and not stuck behind the lawnmower. Rarities, Favourites and Classics abound. Tune In! A programme for music lovers.
R Broadcast last Monday at 7.0 pm.

2.0 pm Barry Richards
The most important stories and events trending locally and nationally and the more obscure stories that you might have missed plus the best of week’s Celebrity Buzz and The Time Capsule.

4.0 pm Tim Mitchell
Afternoon music and conversation including a quiz to exercise the mind plus news of events in Surrey.

5.0 pm
James Harvey
The early evening music and chat including latest happenings in Surrey and rush hour travel news. 

7.0 pm Surrey Business Affairs
Jackie Mitchell
with the monthly series for and about business in Surrey with guests:
Paul Squires is co-founder of 3-Commerce, a new business which started in August 2020, providing businesses with digital marketing services including Google Ads, social media management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web development. The ethos of the company is to help businesses sell online and be found. Twitter  @3Commerce_co
Tracey Carter is Senior Economic Development Officer from Spelthorne Council. She has recently become the new Chair of Spelthorne Business Forum which helps local businesses and also talks about the new Business Incubator being launched this month – a co-working environment for starts ups and business support. Twitter @sbf_spelthorne
Paul Webster from The Webster Consultancy writes words that sell, influence and inform. He helps small businesses by writing sales letters, website copy, leaflets, brochures and newsletters.
Darren Seigenburg from The Mind Corps is planning a retreat centre for veterans from the Armed Forces offering a variety of methodologies for mental issues, activities, financial and career advice. The centre will also be used for corporate team building events. He is currently raising money for the project.
RBroadcast last Thursday at 1.0 pm listen again at Next show Thursday 4 February at 1.0 pm.

8.0 pm Ollie’s Rock Block   
Oliver Lodge
with two hours of hard rock, prog rock, glam rock, indie rock, punk rock, any rock as long as it rocks including Is It Rock? and The Long One.
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10.0 pm Brea’s Booth
Brea Gosling
with the evening music mix featuring classic tracks, fresh new tunes and guest Lee Anderton of Anderton’s Guitar and Musical Instruments store in Guildford talking about the development of the store and playing some of his favourite tracks.
R Broadcast last Sunday at 8.0pm and listen again at

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox