Wednesday 13 December

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6.0 am Brooklands Breakfast On The Go.
Grab your early morning starter as we get you on the Go with non-stop music to brighten your breakfast and bring you up to date with news and weather.

10.0 am Alan Bosson
Mid-morning music and chat including the latest happenings in Surrey and featuring at 10.30 The Papers, and at 11.30 This Day In History.
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1.0 pm Barry Richards
Afternoon music and chat including the most important stories and events trending locally and nationally and the more obscure stories that you might have missed plus the best of week’s Celebrity Buzz.

4.0 pm James Harvey
evening music and chat including the latest happenings in Surrey.  

7.0 pm The Soul Hour   
Alan Bosson features the best soul music.

8.0pm Just Women

The weekly programme for women of all ages introduced by Jackie Mitchell and Samantha Carr with guests:
Sarah Mooney runs ‘Sauce of Love’ which rustles up fabulous sharing platters, glamorous canapés and private chef experiences. Her signature dish is Vietnamese pulled pork bites served in lettuce leaves. She also runs supper clubs and caters for private events. Instagram @sauceoflove
Yasmine Giles, professional musician, singer, author and composer, has published her first cookbook “The Demerara Heart Cookbook”, with text, photos and hand-drawn illustrations by Yasmine. Yasmine and her husband Peter Giles recently launched a debut album "Insights" - all songs written, arranged, performed and recorded by her and husband Pete.
Yani Yordanova is a professional photographer and owner of Nova Photo Atelier, a boutique photography studio specialising in contemporary portraits on women and family. Her latest campaign is “Celebrating Women Over 40 Through Portraits” and is looking for 40 women over 40 which and culminates in “My 40 Over 40” exhibition.
Produced by Dave Jemitus.
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9.0 pm Suzanne’s World of Arts & Entertainment
Suzanne Hunter with more fascinating star interviews.
Repeated on Saturday at 7.0pm and listen again at

10.0 pm Brea’s Booth
Brea Gosling
meeting the movers and shakers in the music business. This week’s studio guest is Clem Catini a drummer who was part of the Tornados and a session musician playing on many hit records. He talks about his life in music and selects some of his favourite tracks.
R -First broadcast 14th April 2019 and repeated on Wednesday at 10.0 pm, listen again at

12.0 am Brooklands Radio Jukebox